Everything I Do Is Wrong To My Wife: I Can't Do Anything Right In My Wife's Eyes

When your wife isn't happy it will impact everything about your marriage. Once a woman starts to feel unsatisfied within her relationship with her husband, the entire dynamic between them begins to shift. Her emotions may dictate her actions and it can leave her feeling very vulnerable and highly emotional. If you're a man who is living in this type of situation now, you have a lot to juggle. If you love your wife you naturally want to do whatever you can to brighten her spirits. The problem is that you may not know exactly how to go about accomplishing that.

If your wife isn't happy you have to bite the bullet and sit down and talk with her, openly and honestly about the state of your marriage. You have to concede to listening to her carefully and absorbing everything she tells you. This type of conversation is often emotionally charged and can lead to an argument if you don't temper your response. This is your only real chance to get to the bottom of your wife's unhappiness and to learn what you can be doing differently to ensure she feels better. Take what she tells you and make some positive changes to yourself and to how you interact with her.

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Small gestures can hold a very big impact when you're married. There's a reason why women love getting flowers from the man in their life. It's a symbol that you were thinking of her. Surprise her in this way from time-to-time. Also do things that you know she'd really appreciate. That may be something like taking care of the kids for an entire Saturday so she can go out with a friend on a window shopping excursion and to have lunch. Think about the things you know your wife would love and then set out to do those for her.

Tell her more often how you feel about her. As a marriage settles into a predictable routine it's easy to start neglecting your partner and their emotional needs. Your wife wants and needs to know that you're still wild about her. Tell her as much each and every chance you get. Send her a flirty text message in the middle of the day or leave a love letter on her pillow at night. She needs to feel cherished and adored. If you can make her feel that, she's likely to feel happier and much more fulfilled within your marriage.

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Facing a divorce that you don't want can be a hurtful and heartbreaking experience. Most men are ingrained with a need to keep a stiff upper lip and not show pain, but sometimes a guy can only take so much! If your wife wants a divorce I'd like to offer you some advice on how to save a broken marriage by avoiding the common mistakes that many guys make. While avoiding these mistakes isn't the whole solution, it is a HUGE start and gives you a fighting chance.

The reality for most of us is that we simply aren't emotionally prepared to deal with the shock and pain of rejection by our wives. Most of us, even though we know there are problems in the marriage, are still not expecting our wives to actually hit us with a bombshell like that. So typically we are not in a very resourceful state to respond properly in a calm and rational way. This leads to the common mistakes that most guys make and any one of them can ruin our chances to save our broken marriages. The reason I know this is because I experienced all of this firsthand.

Here are some of the most critical mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

1. Pleading with your wife to reconsider and try to save the marriage

2. Constant phone calls, emails and texts to her
3. Flowers, cards and gifts in the hopes of impressing her

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4. Apologies and promises to change

5. Anger, arguing and threats

6. Using the kids as a weapon against her

7. Revenge of any kind

8. Stalking, spying or jealous activity

9. Use of alcohol or drugs to drown your sorrows

A more resourceful approach is to act calmly and rationally and give her the impression that you love her enough to let her go. By acting in a very specific manner you can change the dynamics of the situation and have your wife beginning to reconsider the whole idea of divorce. As I mentioned before, avoiding these mistakes is only part of the strategy you will need to use. The most important thing though is that in addition to avoiding these mistakes, you must become 100% dedicated to saving your marriage, and be willing to take action now! The problems that have led you to this point WILL NOT go away on their own! The longer you wait to implement a plan, the less your chances!

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When you say that your wife isn't in love with you anymore there is the impression that you don't believe that anything can be done to stop a divorce from occurring. It is very common for the husband to be totally surprised when his wife reveals her unhappiness and desire to end the marriage. For those of you are who are currently going through this, please read this article in full as there are things that you can do to get your wife to stay with you and keep your home life and marriage intact.

Thinking that your wife no longer wants you, you may believe that it is her fault that this change is occurring. It is very common for people to displace the blame. The fact is a woman just doesn't go from loving her husband one to disliking him and wanting a divorce the next day. The process of separation is gradual, and it usually occurs because of something that you've done. You wife has more than likely been feeling this way for some time now, but you are just now noticing or have just now decided to finally to do something about it. The time is now for change and resolution. Simply say I'm sorry for the things that you've done so that you can begin to heal your marriage.

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An additional factor that causes a breakdown of the marriage and results in you claiming that your wife is no longer happy in the marriage is the change in the roles of the spouses. Marriage is about going through life and facing everything together such as starting a family. However, it is very important to note that marriage is also a romantic union. The union happened because of a mutual attraction nothing more or less. However, as a marriage progresses people may be more caught up in paying bills and raising children that they place the romanticism to the side. This should not happen as it will end a marriage. This can be corrected by simply taking the time to rekindle the passion and romance in the marriage by dedicating time to one another; it really is that simple.

Those were the times when your wife desired you, and if you bring back the romance she will want you all over again. It is important that you remember that your wife married you because she is in love with you and only wanted to be with you for the rest of her life-this is why she is dedicated herself to you.

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When your wife falls out of love it feels as though the very foundation of your marriage has crumbled. How can you continue living with someone who tells you that she's no longer in love with you? Perhaps she prefaced it by saying that she still loves you but isn't in love. That really doesn't lessen the blow at all, does it? Obviously any romantic connection she felt for you has disappeared. It may seem hopeless but it's actually not. Instead of viewing this as the inevitable end of your marriage try and see it as a second chance. If you handle this correctly you can get your wife back in love with you and your marriage can be the happiest it's ever been.

The first thing you have to do when your wife falls out of love is try and be understanding. Getting upset with her will only serve to make her feel more distant from you. Right now you have to recognize that it took a great deal of courage for her to share what she's feeling with you. She could have kept silent but instead chose to tell you that she felt there was a problem. Be as compassionate as you can be when this is going on. She really needs that from you and you need it as well if you want to keep your relationship from falling apart in front of your eyes.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Women are very emotional and sometimes those emotions get a bit confused. She may be mistaking a lost connection for feelings of falling out of love. If you two haven't spent any quality time together as of late and the only discussions you're having are centered around the children, that's going to contribute to the dynamic between you and her. You have to spend one-on-one time with each other if you want to reconnect with her. As silly as it may sound, date her again. Make her feel like there's nothing more important in the world to you than spending time with her. She needs to feel that.

Listen more to what your wife wants to share. As uncomfortable and difficult as it is to talk about feelings and how they've changed, it's crucial to the future of your marriage. Unless you can clearly understand what she's experiencing and what she's not getting from the relationship, you can't remedy the problem. Be her sounding board and make it clear to her that you'll listen to her with an open heart and mind. When she truly feels this is the case she'll see that she can open up to you again and that will definitely help to draw her closer to you.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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