Air conditioner is one of the most expensive and sophisticated gadgets you have at home. When an air conditioner breaks down or have some fault in its working many people try to repair it all be themselves. Before making an attempt to repair an air conditioner, there are certain things which you should know. According to experts of AC repair in Spring TX, though it is alright to carry few tasks related to servicing and maintenance of the air conditioner, but when it comes to repair of heating and cooling gadgets, it should be best left to experts.

  1. According to Spring TX, AC repair expert, it is important to understand that a normal air conditioner usually installed in office works on simple physics. It has an evaporator and a condenser. It is a simple cycle of high pressure Freon gas passing through heat exchanger where heat is removed from it and concerted into liquid. Then this liquid Freon gas goes into evaporator through an expansion valve. Liquid Freon expands and get converted into gas. The latent heat required for this conversion comes from the environment. Now the heated gas again goes back to the condenser and the cycle repeats.
  2. According to the expert of AC repair Spring TX, bot evaporator and condenser are sealed units in the machine and if there is some problem in it, you have no choice but to call an expert.
  3. What to do if your system fails to run? According to expert of AC repair Spring Texas, few preliminary tests like checking all the circuit breakers, checking temperature of the thermostat and lowering it by five degrees can help in running the system again. If nothing works then it is best to leave the repair work on the professional.
  4. No cooling! If your air conditioner is not cooling your room then you should check the thermostat. Lower its temperature and then see the cooling. According to expert of air conditioning repair Spring TX, you should also check the condenser if there is some blockage by leaves or other debris. Check whether fins of the fan are straight or not. If not straight then straighten them. If nothing works then it is best to call the professional.
  5. Erratic cooling! For faults like this and all others, best possible way is to clean the condenser as much as possible. When condenser get blocked with dust and vegies especially in fall season, such errors usually occur. If still the problem persists it is better to call a professional.


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