With abroad education becoming more accessible, getting an enriched educational experience is easier than before. Overseas Education has become a common phenomenon and many aspiring students strive to avail its benefits by enrolling in international universities. However, to get to that point, you need a plan that can assure you success for studying at your dream destination.

To make it clear for you, we provide you the procedure to go abroad for studies from India:

Determine your basic priorities: Firstly, you need to conduct some research on your own as to where do you want to go, how long you want your course to be, what you want to study and what is your budget. This can be done by speaking to your acquaintances, determining your interests, and the career scope for your prospective course. It’s okay if you don’t make a final call yet, but to plant the basic idea is very important.

Visit Abroad Study Agent: Visiting abroad student counselors is crucial as you will get an expert opinion on questions such as what are the requirements to study abroad and how to go abroad for study after graduation. All your major queries will be answered and at Transglobe we have experienced counselors that can pitch the right course, right university and the right study destination for you that can be helpful for you to make a decision.
Make your application and give English proficiency exam: Once deciding upon your destination, universities and courses, you need to apply in the institutes and that can also be done with the help of your Transglobe Counselors. Meanwhile, you also need to start training for your English proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and CAE, etc. Scores of these exams are very critical since they, along with you academic profile, determine your admission in your desired university.

Acceptance and getting your finances ready: Making multiple applications is advisable as it gives you the option to choose their preferred institute and once receiving offer letters, you need to make a decision of which one to accept. Your counselor can also help you choose the right university that best fits your ranking, costing, location and reputation preference. You also need to decide upon how the fee and other costs will be funded and get the funds ready for the same.

Application for Student Visa: Once all the paper work is done and all the documents are ready, the visa file needs to be lodged. As for the information of which documents are needed, you need to communicate with your counselor since every country has different criteria for the same. Once your file is lodged, you also need to figure out where you will stay and how much it will cost. You have options such as on-campus, off-campus such as rooms on rent, local host, and homestays.

Post-Visa procedures: Once your visa is approved, you need book your flights and also look at the rules and regulations for baggage allowance and other information before arriving in your host country such as the culture, weather, and international SIM cards. Attend a pre-departure meeting and learn more about the country in question and most importantly, get ready to enjoy the experience.

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