C|CISO Certification is an authoritative program in the market that acknowledges the viable experience mandatory to be recognized at the highest executive levels of information security. The C|CISO training will provide you with a wider picture of becoming an Information Security leader because it not only focuses on technical expertise, but it also upskills your information security management approach. CCISO Certification will give hype to your career, and if you have its sound knowledge, it can help you deal with cyber threats to your organization.

C|CISO Certification structures the premises of three pieces of business:
• Training,
• Body of Knowledge
• The C|CISO exam

which is designed by a team of high-ranking information security executives, the C|CISO Advisory Board, exam writers, quality checkers, and trainers.

The significance of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?
The important responsibility of a CISO is to escort a team of technically-skilled executives in order to bite the bullet of cyber threats, cyber risks, and avoid any cyber disaster. They make sure that the cybersecurity of an organization is never put in a questionable position.

Five domains of C|CISO Program

It is important to understand the five domains of C|CISO:

Governance and Risk Management

The first domain focuses on defining, implementing, managing, and maintaining an Information Security Governance Program, learning about Information Security drivers, building up an Information Security management structure, security policy, reporting structures, dealing with an undertaking Information Security compliance program, and prologue to Risk Management.

Information Security Controls, Compliance and Audit Management

The second domain comprises identifying, designing, controlling, monitoring, maintaining, and reporting Information Security controls, compliance management, compliance-based audits, risk-based audits, general audit standards, audit expectations, and outcomes, evaluating audits and Information Security Audit process.

Security Program Management and Operations

The third domain defines Security Charter, Objectives, Requirements, Stakeholders and Strategies, defining and developing, managing and monitoring the Information Security Program, defining and developing Information Security Program Staffing Requirements, establishing and operating a security operations capability, event management, threat management, vulnerability management, and threat hunting.

Information Security Core Competencies

The fourth domain includes authentication, authorization and auditing, types of access control model, physical security, network security, Voice over IP security, endpoint protection, application security, encryption technologies, virtualization security, and cloud computing security.

Strategic Planning, Finance, Procurement and Vendor Management
The last domain is about understanding the organization, ensuring a sound program foundation, understanding the enterprise architecture, understanding financial metrics, procurement lifecycle, delivery assurance, and validation of meeting contractual requirements. (410)

Reasons for choosing C|CISO:

Accredited by ANSI

The CCISO certification program by EC-Council has been recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Designed and represented by specialists
The executive board is made of security pioneers and experts from prestigious universities, tech giants, and counselling firms who have shared their immense information to make this program to address the absence of administration in Information security.

Emphasizes on C-Level Management using Five domains
The C|CISO program focuses on its five domains, ensuring that their goals line up with those of the NCWF along with fulfilling the needs of organizations and associations around the globe.

Combines Technical Knowledge, Executive Management, and Financial Management
C|CISO not only focuses on technical expertise, but it also grooms your executive management and financial management approach.

Perceives the Significance of Real-World Experience
To arrive at a C-Level occupation, a data security official must have earlier information to increase a comprehensive perspective on what's in the store while in the zone. The C|CISO Certification provides aspirants a chance to build up a business progression plan for an organization.

Eligibility Criteria for C|CISO
The C|CISO accreditation isn't a section level program. To meet all the requirements for the program and assessment, you should have at least 5 years of related knowledge in any three of the five domains.

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Competitors who don't meet the prerequisites for the C|CISO program can go to the EC-Council Information Security Management (EISM) accreditation.