Lack of sleep or Insomnia can have big effect on your memory, hand to eye coordination and judgment. People, who get only three to four hours of sleep at night, take small naps during daytime.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

• Angry and Irritable Behavior

If you are deprived of proper sleep, you can easily become angry and irritable, whereas if you take proper sleep, you feel more relaxed and happy.

• Effect On Immunity

Deprivation of sleep can lead to damage of your immune system and people whose immune system already suffers from lot of illnesses and ailments can have devastating effect.

It has been found that on average, a person is required to take sleep of around eight to ten hours at night. Some most common sleeping disorder treatments are directed towards insomnia, which itself is an indication of other problems like restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

• Breathing Problems

It’s important that you see your health practitioner immediately if you have sleeping disorder and your partner has noticed you stop breathing during the sleep.

If not paid adequate attention, this sleep order, known as sleep apnea can cause stroke or even an eventual death, if not treated. This sleeping disorder is caused by a neurological disorder, problem with a windpipe or sometimes an unknown reason, which causes blocked airways and loud snoring.

• Inability to Sleep

A person who suffers from sleeping disorder can have difficulty in staying asleep or even getting sleep at night. Moreover, such person faces difficulty in staying awake throughout day.

Additionally, such people also face different kinds of behaviors which prevent them from sleeping during normal hours. Such people also keep on worrying about not being able to sleep, which just adds to the insomnia problem.

There are numerous sleeping disorders, which different people, may face and even if they are facing similar sleeping disorder, the symptoms may vary.

Some Ways of Managing The condition

• Reduce weight

Obesity or being overweight is the main risk factor which leads to insomnia. Therefore, reducing your body weight can solve the problem to an extent.

• Sleeping in Darkness

Even a small bit of light in room can lead to disruption of your internal clock. Therefore, it’s important that the room you sleep in is dark and closed, there are no noise coming from all round. You should try, not to switch your bedroom’s light on, even when you are going to bathroom.

• Maintain Room Temperature

It’s important that temperature of the room you sleep in, is not more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Few people keep their upstairs rooms very warm which leads to disruption in sleep. It has been found by a study that optimal temperature of room for sleeping should be 60 to 68 degrees, i.e. it should be quite cool.

Keeping your room hotter or cooler than required can result in restless sleep. When you fall asleep, the internal temperature of your body drops down to the lowest level, usually after four hours of your sleep. Scientists have a belief that a cooler bedroom is most conductive to sleep as it mimic your body’s temperature down.

• Keep Electrical devices and Alarm Clocks Away from Your bed

If you use electrical devices such as smatphones, tablet, laptops etc. it’s important to keep it away from your bed for a better sleep, preferably round 3 feet away from your bed.

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