Expand Your Savings with Kotak Equity Savings Fund

Kotak Mutual Fund is a famous name in the mutual fund market among investors as it has launched a number of productive schemes under various categories that invest across sectors. In case you are currently looking for a scheme by this MF that provides capital growth, invest in Kotak Equity Savings Fund which was launched on October 13th, 2014.

Investment Objective

Kotak Equity Savings Fund is an open-ended scheme whose investment objective is to generate income by investing in arbitrage opportunities present in the equity’s cash and derivatives segment, and in equity and equity related instruments.

Who Should Invest In Kotak Equity Savings Fund?

  • This scheme is for investors who wish to earn by investing indirectly in the arbitrage opportunities of cash and derivatives segment of equity and in equity itself.
  • Those investors who are looking for an investment scheme to add to their portfolio to earn capital appreciation.
  • Investors should understand that their principal amount invested in this scheme will be under moderately high risk and so, only those investors who can bear it must invest in it.

Who Is Managing This Fund?

This scheme is jointly managed by Mr. Abhishek Bisen and Mr. Deepak Gupta.

Abhishek Bisen- He has been managing this fund since September 2014. He is a Bachelor of Arts and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with
specialization in Finance. Before joining Kotak Asset Management Company, he was working with Securities Trading Corporation of India. He has been managing a number of schemes along with this scheme such as Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund, Kotak Equity Hybrid Fund, Kotak Gilt Investment Provident Fund and Trust Plan, etc.

Mr. Deepak Gupta- He has been managing this fund since September 2014. He has done B.Com Honors, is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and CFA. He has been working with Kotak Asset Management Company since 2007. Apart from this scheme, he has been managing many other schemes by Kotak Mutual Fund such as Kotak Asset Allocator Fund, Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund, Kotal Sensex ETF Fund, Kotak US Equity Standard Fund, etc.

Key Points About Kotak Equity Savings Fund Growth

1. The minimum initial investment amount with which an investor may start investing in this scheme is Rs. 5000.

2. There is no exit load to be paid on redemption up to 10% of the units. If more than 10% of the units are redeemed within one year of allotment, then an investor becomes liable to pay 1% as exit load but if he redeems more than 10% of the units after completion of one year, then there is no exit load which is to be paid.

3. Kotak Equity Savings Fund NAV as on July 06th, 2018 was Rs. 13.5904 and the assets under management was Rs. 2108 crores as on May 31st, 2018.

4. The top five companies in whose equity it has invested majorly are Tata Consultancy Services, Jindal Steel & Power, Power Finance Corp., GMR Infrastructure, and Indiabulls Housing Finance with the percentage investment being 2.28, 2.14, 2.05, 1.86, and 1.66, respectively as on May 31st, 2018.

5. Top five companies in whose debt instruments it has invested majorly are 7.1911% Kotak Mahindra Prime 2019, Axis Bank, 8.25% M&M Financial Services 2019, HDFC Bank, and IDFC Bank.


This was all about Kotak Equity Savings Fund by Kotak Mutual Fund which is best for investors who wish to make long-term investments. Make sure that you choose the scheme according to your portfolio’s requirement. Though there is always some risk involved in mutual fund, but if you are investing in equity scheme, with high risk you will receive high returns as well. Still, if you have some doubt that you need to clarify, consult a financial advisor.

Author's Bio: 

Dishika Baheti is a financial expert who writes about the details of mutual fund schemes after in-depth research regarding the scheme.