Living with coronavirus means more time staying indoors. However, that does not mean you cannot take a vacation with your family. All you need is to engage in vacation activities that do not endanger your family and take proper precautions. Here are some family vacation ideas that meet CDC health guidelines.

Virtual traveling

Temporarily we are locked down, but that does not limit you from visiting your dream vacation destination. Thanks to evolved technology, you can virtually tour your dream vacation destination with your family from the comfort of your home. Some organizations have been digitally recorded, archived, and shared the world’s significant cultural heritage from across all seven continents. With only a laptop or television and a source of internet, you can virtually tour the most exciting tourist attraction sites. Google Earth is also offering 3D virtual tours of various national parks. All you need is to choose a location, and you will be zoomed down to get a panoramic view like that of 3D IMAX movies. So, stay at home, keep safe, and virtually travel the world with your family. The best thing about virtual traveling is that there are no bureaucracies involved.


Camping is a great experience that will help you and your family unwind – precisely what we all need amid the pandemic. You can camp in a ranch, by the ocean shores, or even on the top of hills and mountains. All you need is setting up a tent that can comfortably accommodate your family. If you are in Northeastern America, get an exhilarating experience by camping in Maine along the coastline with your family. Camping by the shoreline of an island is fantastic, and you will also be able to maintain a physical distance with other campers. Observe safe traveling when going camping.


Zip-lining is a very safe vacation idea because you zip line one person at a time per line. All you need to do is maintain physical distance, wash hands regularly, have your temperatures checked, wear a face mask, and limit your entry to shared premises. Zip-lining is a very brief vacation activity and so you can leave immediately after your session. This way, you will stand a very minimal chance of getting into contact with an infected person. So, identify an adventurous zip-lining in your area and give your family a short vacation.


The CDC emphasizes stay-at-home. However, you can still picnic with your family. You can picnic in your backyard, ranch, or in public places that have already been opened for communal activities. As long as you are conscious and observing all CDC precautionary measures, you can dine outside with your family without exposing yourselves. If you are planning your picnic in a public place, visit off-peak hours to avoid crowds. After a very long period indoors, people are probably eager to organize outdoor activities. So be very conscious to avoid exposing your family, coronavirus is a significant threat, and it kills.

Lunch/Dinner date

A vacation doesn’t have to be very far away from home. Explore fascinating eateries within your neighborhood and plan for a lunch or a dinner date with your family. This is the time to be a local tourist and build your nation. There are so many hotels observing all the CDC guidelines around you, and this is the perfect time to visit and dine in one with your family. The best thing about dining in the neighborhood is that you reduce the need for non-essential traveling, minimizing the chances of being exposed.


In the pursuit to reduce non-essential traveling, hikes come in handy as one of the most exciting and adventurous vacation ideas for your family. Hike in the fascinating local destinations and get to appreciate the beautiful, peaceful serenity of your neighborhood. Pack all the necessities such as masks, alcohol-based sanitizers, infrared thermometers, and gloves and hit the road for hiking. Ensure that you maintain a physical distance with other hikers. Enjoy hiking with your family while keeping safe.

Health is wealth. The vacation destinations will always be there, but if your health deteriorates, you will not stand an opportunity to tour. So, adhere to all CDC guidelines while vacationing.

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Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.