According to all the medical information about Farmer's Lung out there, the answer is no. Medical treatments DO NOT "cure" Farmer's Lung disease. Medical treatments at best manage the severity of the symptoms but offer no hope of reversing the effects of mold on the lungs and body. BUT, the medical community is only looking at treating the symptoms and not the cause!

I am going to back up a bit here and explain what Farmer's Lung Disease is and how it's acquired. Then I'll explain how it is possible for the body to heal itself.

According to the medical dictionary on, Farmer's Lung or Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is an inflammation of the lung (usually of the very small airways) caused by the body's immune reaction to small air-borne particles. These particles can be bacteria, mold, fungi, or even inorganic matter. So, Farmer's Lung is described as an allergic disease usually caused by breathing in the dust from moldy hay or dust from any moldy crop--straw, corn, silage, grain, or even tobacco.

Symptoms of acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis include:

* coughing,

* fever,

* chills,

* shortness of breath,

* body aches, etc.

Farmer's Lung or Hypersensitivity pneumonitis causes shortness of breath and a feeling of general illness. It can be from a sudden attack or as a slow progressive illness. Usually people with Farmer's Lung or Hypersensitivity pneumonitis don't associate their health issues with the moldy particles they are exposed to. They go to their doctor complaining of breathing problems that are very similar to bronchitis or pneumonia.

The physician usually treats the symptoms with antibiotics. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections and MAY relieve symptoms temporarily, but it will not last. In fact it may make things worse. Since the symptoms are initiated by the mold exposure and most antibiotics are made with mycotoxins (chemicals that molds produce) antibiotics tend to exacerbate the body's reaction.

Once diagnosed with Farmer's Lung or Hypersensitivity pneumonitis the first step in treatment is to avoid further contact with moldy dust. Bed rest is recommended and oxygen therapy may be needed to relieve shortness of breath for serious cases. Treatments may include cromolyn sodium and a corticosteroid to lessen the symptoms of hypersensitivity. The long-term use of these drugs is not advisable since they can hide the symptoms of Farmer's Lung without preventing lung damage from re-exposure to moldy dust.

According to medical information, once people become hypersensitive, they remain hypersensitive for years, perhaps for life.

BUT, is the medical community overlooking one major factor? - That the cause (mold) is still in the body! Most doctors seem to think that the symptoms are only a reaction to mold as an allergen. They don't or won't recognize that mold or mycotoxins may still be in the patient's system and THAT'S what is causing the body's immune reaction to be hypersensitive.

Yes, in fact if you never get rid of the mold in your system you will remain hypersensitive for years or a lifetime. That part is correct. Treatments, then, need to address the cause, not hide the symptoms. So how do you get rid of fungus/mold in your body? By eliminating what it eats. Sugar.

When making bread, you give the fungus/yeast sugar. The active yeast feeds on the sugar and causes the bread to rise. Did you find that after your exposure to the moldy crop that you've experienced swollen joints? excess mucus? inflammation? That isn't just an allergic reaction. It may very well be that the cause is still in your body raising havoc.

Starting with a two week program that cuts out all sugars, you can detox and eradicate the mold from your system. When doing this you need to be aware of something called a healing crisis or Herxheimer's reaction. A healing crisis happens because when you starve the fungus/mold it causes a die off. This die off releases toxins into your blood stream and may cause flu-like symptoms. You actually start to feel worse initially. Once the mold is fully eliminated, the body can begin it's healing process and once again find balance.

Finding this information has been, excuse the pun, a breathe of fresh air, as it has saved the life of my ex-dairy farmer husband. David no longer has symptoms from his exposure in the fall of 1990 when he entered a silo full of corn silage to "uncap" it. Black corn mold filled the air and David ended up with a heavy exposure of mold and many years of compiling health issues and doctor visits. Symptoms lasted eleven years or more until we found the solution. No longer taking treatments for anything and having natural health is an immense blessing from God.

Will this work for you? I don't know. But, if you ask me if Farmer's Lung can be reversed I will emphatically say YES because my husband regained his health by addressing and eliminating the cause, the mold.

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Christian Health & Wellness Coach, Patti Olson, was inspired to become a health and wellness coach after her victory over 23 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and assisting her husband's victory over Farmer's Lung, sleep apnea and arthritis.

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