Father McGivney lived in Connecticut in 1852 and ended up being a Catholic priest who helped millions of people… and his legacy is still helping people.

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Born into an Irish immigrant family who fled the potato famine Micheal had a hard life as a child. But he had a pastor of their church that he looked up to… and love very much because this pastor helping everyone. And this pastor noticed that Micheal was very interested in God and helping other people in general.

Most children back in the early 1800’s didn’t go to school… but this wonderful pastor was able to raise funds and created a small school where 100 children could be educated. And luckily Micheal was one of the children who was getting an education. Then their pastor helped him get a job in a factory and then helped him to get into seminary school… where he did well and was liked by everyone. Micheal had one more test to become a pastor and have his own church.

But then Micheals father died, so he was not able to complete his studies and went home to take care of his mother and sisters. But soon, everyone in the family urged him to go back to school. But a friend of the family set it up so he could attend Catholic Seminary… so he went on to have his own parish, in his hometown of New Haven Connecticut.

Father McGivney set up schools, helped the poor, helped widows who were destitute, and counseled teenagers with challenges and so much more. Father McGivney was loved by everyone. And he was also loved by those who were not Catholic because he helped anyone in need… not just those who were Catholic.

Father McGivney also started the Knights of Columbus a lay group which set up a mutual aid and insurance funds to help widows and their children who were left behind when their father passed away. And now the Knights of Columbus group has grown to millions of people around the world.

In 2008 Pope Benedict recognized Father McGivney’s heroic virtues.

And there have been some miracles that have taken place when people have prayed to Father McGivney for healing. These miracles are being investigated by the church to see if Father McGivney fits the bill to be called a saint.

Father McGivney died in his forties of pneumonia and thousands of people came to pay their last respects. Not just Catholics, but people from every race, creed, and religious background.

May we all live to be as loving, kind and giving as Father McGivney.

Love knows no boundaries… and it’s not about any particular religion.

Love is Love.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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