Have you ever felt like it’s not your day even there is no particular reason? When suddenly you catch one of your favorite songs on TV and that got you motivated to dance. Music has a big influence on you, it affects on your mood and actions. You have noticed that. That is just one of the effects of the music. You better check the rest of the effects.

Music can increase your productivity at work: After having long and relaxing weekend everyone have difficulties getting back to work. One of the best ways to get over that is listening to upbeat music. It can give some extra energy during the job activities. There can be a list of reasons why you are listening music on a workplace but it’s proved that affects on increasing productivity. According to a report of Neuroscience of Behavior and Psychology people’s ability to recognize letters and numbers is faster when there is music in the background(what you prefer to hear).

It’s important to select the type of music that fits you best. You could try classic music one day, jazz the next day and pop the third day. Take a walk in I Tunes and select some albums that will sound great on your I Phone application for music.

Improve your memory function: Who are wondering how? Baroque music with 60 beats per minute activates the both sides of the brain, the left and the right one. Activities which engage both sides of the brain at the same time cause the brain to be more able of processing information. Playing an instrument or singing can have the same effects on the brain’s activity.

When we speak about memorizing thinks, if you are learning some foreign languages and you want to be really good in speaking and to increase your efficiency, you should try to learn while playing in background some classic music. This way of studying foreign languages is proved by Bulgarian psychologist Lozanov who implement in his learning system. Using baroque music pieces in a period of thirty days, foreign languages can be learn with 85% more effectiveness. Then you can check your language knowledge on some I Phone apps which are for that purpose.

If you want to improve your memory performance you should perceive music without lyrics. So you can better focus on your task not on words of the background song.

Music calms, relaxes and helps you sleep: It’s 3 in morning and you still can not have a sleep. Easy and proved way to beat insomnia is listening to some relaxing music. Just 45 min of consuming that music can make restful night. It’s a good cure for our body which reduces nervous activity and may have positive effects on sleep via distraction from stressful thought and muscle relaxation.

I would say whatever your choice of music is- if it makes you feel better person and fill you with positive thoughts, go head and ask for more. It’s all up to you.

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