Today most of the businesses are heavily dependent on ERP software as with the help of ERP software, organizations can manage the entire business and automate multiple business back-office jobs such as accounting, inventory management, human resources, and more. Hence, it is extremely important to install the right ERP solution for your business.

Installing an ERP solution from large vendors might turn out to be a dangerous task. There are certain pitfalls of installing ERP solutions from large vendors such as:

• ERP vendors take a huge amount of money and refuse to take the responsibilities associated with it.

• ERP companies put a lot of pressure on you to buy an ERP solution in order to achieve their target.

• It is difficult to find quality software developers who are interested to work with that vendor’s software and have experience with it.

The real problem lies in software technology.

Most of the pharmaceutical ERP software is hardwired so that it cannot be altered by software. Hence, it is extremely difficult to customize it and you will need professional programmers to dive into the code and change it.

Customization of an ERP solution is not like changing a spreadsheet or word document. Developers have to undergo a lot of processes to change it.

So, what’s the solution:

1. You need software that is smart and easy to adapt:

Employees always prefer software that is easy to use and adaptable. Software that allow your employees to concentrate on their real work rather than a tie-up with the technical faults.

2. Go for the software that can be built by business-savvy people rather than inexperienced programmers.

It is crucial to go for software that can be built by tech and business-savvy people. There are a lot of business analysts who have great knowledge about businesses and software too. Allowing them to make an ERP accounting software will definitely solve a lot of problems.

3. It’s not about money, it's about delivering values.

Let’s be honest. On the off chance, you need to get the most money possible and at that point having arduous ventures using costly packaged software will create a huge charge. The customer won’t be happy anymore. There is no reputational hit as there would be in different businesses since everybody is having the same issue and it is standard practice to reprimand clients for any system failure.

All the problems that we stated above can be easily solved with Probiz ERP solution.

Probiz is an enterprise resource planning software that provides SMB’s power to manage their entire business and deliver value faster than ever. Probiz ERP for pharmaceutical industry covers every aspect of business management and manufacturing, allowing you to expand in your market sphere through higher sales, better compliances with stringent regulatory mandates.

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