Wild mushroom hunting is a fun recreational sport and can be a delightful dinner. However, many of these wild mushrooms are poisonous and could send you straight to the emergency room if you swallowed them. Before going ahead and eating any of these mushrooms, you must understand the dangers of these mushrooms.

It is always advisable to study the specific species of fungi that you want to obtain. Search online for pictures of the fungus you find. It may seem like a tedious task just eating a couple of mushrooms, but it could end up saving your life. Another thing to consider is the ecology of your hunting areas. Know your area. Find out which mushrooms grow in your region and what time of year. There are many species strains that are highly poisonous that look almost identical to other fully edible mushrooms. For example, Omphalotus olearius, which is also commonly known as the Jack O 'Lantern mushroom, is bright orange in color and has a peculiar conical shape. It is very poisonous and may not cause death, but it can cause quite fierce belly pain. There is another mushroom that looks almost exactly like the Jack O 'Lantern mushroom. The chanterelle is also bright orange and conical in shape, however it is fully edible and very delicious. Even more puzzling is the fact that these two mushrooms actually spawn and bear fruit at exactly the same time of year. Just be careful when choosing which mushrooms to eat and, if possible, consult your local wildlife expert before preparing any of them for dinner. https://www.westcoastwildfoods.com/ca/

One of the deadliest mushrooms to watch out for is Amanita phalloides. This mushroom closely resembles its common white mushroom. Although it matches a normal one on your table in color and texture, it is actually much larger in size. However, you should be careful when identifying this fungus just for its size. If you're looking at a newly formed baby Amanita phalloides, it can actually look exactly like a common white mushroom in size. This is perhaps the reason why more people die from this fungus each year than any other.

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Wild mushroom hunting is a fun recreational sport and can be a delightful dinner.