The resume objective is the resume statement to discuss your career plan with the employer. This section should be written in compliance with what the employer is looking for. It is always present in the beginning of resume immediately after the contact details of the applicant. When you are writing the resume objectives, make sure that it is in accordance with your applied job profile and don’t provide any vague details in it. Here we discuss the tips for customizing the objective for resume and making it more relevant and job specific.
This is an important section in resume. It tells the recruiter about the short term goals of the applicant that he has set in order to accomplish self growth along with benefiting the company. It is recommended to write your objective statement in two-three lines and do not exceed it; however you can also list the summary of your career profile instead of the objective statement.
Need of Resume Objective
This section is present in the initial part of the resume. It introduces the candidate to the employer. It is the appropriate place to convince the employer that you are most suitable applicant for the position and you can handle the responsibilities very well than any other applicant. A poorly written objective statement can take away your job opportunity and land you in trouble. It is important for you to include all the related information in your resume and design your career objective in an outstanding way as it is in the beginning part. You need to spend considerable amount of time writing your objective. You need to outline your strengths, abilities, and job relevant qualifications and compare them with the requirements of your prospective profile.
The main purpose of including this section is to increase your chances of getting positive response from the employer. Your objective must encourage the employer to read the resume further. If effectively written, this section can make a great impact on the employer. It is also important to keep in mind the requirements of the applied position and design your objective accordingly. When you are applying for any position in the company, your first task is to know the skills and qualifications required for this position. See whether these criterions are satisfied by you. Knowing these basic requirements of any job, you can design an effective objective. In this section, you need to tell the employer what your goals are and how you are going to achieve these goals. Also, while achieving these goals how the company can get benefitted.
When you have limited work experience, this section can divert the attention of the employer and he may neglect your least job specific experience and call you to discuss further details. When looking for hopping jobs, you can focus on the qualities that can help you in your prospective profile. Your accomplishments, abilities and special traits must all reflect in a single objective statement and it must convince the employer in an effective way.
How to write the Objective for Resume?
When you are writing the objective in the resume, make sure that this statement does not exceed a sentence or two. It can however include up to three sentences. Clearly mention the position you are seeking in the organization and focus on how you can benefit the organization rather than how you will benefit from the organization.
The very first sentence should reflect that you are the most appropriate candidate and you can make considerable changes in the organization and benefit the company.
When can you use the Resume Objective?
You can use the resume objective when you are targeting any particular job. If you are writing the resume for generic purpose, to apply for variety of jobs, you can use summary of qualifications instead of objective statement.
People with 1-2 years of experience must use the objective statement in their resumes. Also, entry level applicants, recent graduates, people changing their careers, mothers returning to work after long time, people with diverse work experience, etc. can all use the objective statement in their resumes.
It is good to stay prepared with different resumes written for different jobs. You cannot use the same resume objectives for these resumes. Hence, it is important to know how to write this for different positions and use it accordingly.

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