If you're reading this then chances are you and your girlfriend broke up, for which I am really sorry. You're probably worrying about how to get her back in your life. Chances are you want to try out the No Contact Rule but aren't really sure how to proceed. If you think this is you, then read on and find out why after a breakup, contacting an ex girlfriend is not a good idea.

I know just how hard it is for you to go to sleep at night. You find yourself riddled with thoughts about your ex girlfriend. Although you can barely stop yourself from contacting her, the fact is that it is better for you not to contact her.

Contacting her would basically drive her out of your life. Her main aim right now is to evaluate her current lifestyle. If you keep on pushing her to get back with you, there's a good chance that you'll lose them forever.

I know that you really want to be with her again. But if you really want her back then you need to know that contacting an ex girlfriend is not the way it can be done. Your goal right now should be attracting them back in your life.

Take it this way, you and your girlfriend were very in love with each other back then. Chances are down the road, all those negative emotions and problems accumulated and finally destroyed your relationship.

What you should be focusing on right now is how to improve your own life instead of contacting an ex girlfriend. For example, this is the best time for you to start paying attention to your physique.

By staying busy, your opportunities in contacting an ex girlfriend will decrease. So when you contact your ex again, she'll be able to see how well you improved since the last time.

By not contacting an ex girlfriend, you have the opportunity to focus on your own life. When you were in the relationship, did you find yourself neglecting both friends and family? If you have, don't worry because this happens often. What you should do is reconnect with the family and friends you ignored. Not only would this improve your other relationships but will take your mind off your girlfriend.

By not contacting an ex girlfriend, you will find yourself healing from the hurt over time. It's only normal that a break up causes depression on a person. Usually, people after a break up find themselves having negative thoughts which only increases the difficulty of them getting their ex back.

When you are not contacting your ex girlfriend, you are using the time to improve on yourself and turn back into the person she was crazy about in the first place.

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