Ubud is one of the tourist destinations in Bali which is also have an five-star hotels and amazing Bali villas, but it does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money if you want to stay in this area. You could find many family-run home stays and guesthouses around Ubud as a place to stay while your vacation just for a small fee. Many of those accommodations are located in the center of Ubud but you could find them in the suburbs as well and of-course the rates offered will be lower.

Guesthouses are the most selected options to stay for backpackers or budgeted vacationers around Ubud and you can easily find them around this area with one night rates that cost cheaper than how much you should pay for the taxi from Ngurah Rai Airport. Most of guesthouses are set in one or two floors buildings with nice gardens surroundings and private bathroom amenities. Some of them are set as individual bungalows as well. If you want to find a guesthouse as a place to stay, it is better if you take a look to several of them to compare their rates, rooms and amenities provided.

But don't expect the services as you get in five star hotels or luxury Bali villas. In these kind of places you will get simple bed rooms with fan, mosquito net and private homely bathroom with or could be without hot water facility. There are some guesthouses are provide daily room-aid service and there are some that provide the service in the regular time based; like once in two days. And mostly, breakfast is included in the room's rates. The more expensive rates offered, the better services and amenities will be provided.
Home stays mostly offered by Locals who open up their own homes to vacationers for less-expensive rates. Balinese people usually stay in one area with their families and have several homes for the whole family members. Several reasons could make the family member moves out from their homes like married or due to their job, then their homes will have several empty rooms. And to take the advantage of those empty rooms, many families rent them to vacationers as an additional income.

A home stay normally provide a small room with a bed and fan. You will get a shared bathroom without hot water service as well. Like guesthouses, breakfast mostly included in the room’s fee. This is a good way to interacting with locals, they will very friendly to you. Home stays could be a little bit crowded for light sleepers. Roosters crowing and the home owners activities mostly starting in the morning dawn.

Some tips in finding more affordable rates
As not all guesthouses and home stays have the same rates, try to explore an area to find better rates than first offer but in same amenities and services. Do not shame to do a bargain. Try to ask a lower rate in a polite way. You will be found lower rates than usual in low season from October to April, just like the most of Bali hotels and Bali villas which will offer some discount in this season.

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