"I'm single and looking for a partner. I know I'm not perfect. How can I find the right partner for me where it works? How do I get that? "

Very good question! Many people wonder when they will meet true love, mostly try to find life partner online but there you have to do something about yourself, he or she is not coming to anything.

If you've processed your past and are emotionally available - so not emotionally bound to your ex or an impossible love or suffer from bond anxiety or something like that - would you like to answer that question. Sometimes it is better to wait a while with dating. But if you're ready, read on - you can also find the right partner.

Two things are needed to get a good relationship:

  • Select the right partner;
  • The skills to develop the relationship to one that is trustworthy and enjoyable.

Selecting the right partner

The first step, selecting the right partner seems to be completely unconscious. We all have an unconscious image of "the right partner", formed in our childhood. That image we use unconsciously when selecting a partner it is driven by our emotions and feelings. We call them falling in love and all kinds of chemical reactions are free in our brain and body.

What's more important is that if you fall in love and last longer than a month in which you are together for about 48 hours, you probably have found someone who fits into that unconscious image. You have probably met someone who meets your need to grow up with you.

The fun is that your unconscious does not manipulate and deceive by makeup and unrighteous behavior. Your unconscious looks across that "marketing behavior".

There are 3 selection criteria that apply to almost all sets:

  • In building equal intelligence;
  • Similar childhood problems;
  • Equal desire for a lasting relationship.

Finding the right partner can be addressed. Here is an approach that will help you find the right partner for you.

1. Be open to the selection process that you have in nature and for that of others (you know, that unconscious).

2. Prepare to get to know 100 people who choose your unconscious. That much? Yes, finding the right partner takes time but you may be successful at number 17.

3. Wonder what the type of people you feel at home ends. If you do not like going to the pub, you will of course leave. Do you like sports, where are you most likely to meet others? If you love the greed of religious people, you can go there. Do you like science, where are people who love it too? Do you like watching television, which programs? And wonder why people who like the same programs stop themselves when they leave the door.

Yes, you only need one person but you have to go through that selection process to find that one and to be found by that one.

4. Consider a cheap and repeatable selection plan. To start the selection process, you must be in one's company for about 4 hours. Of course, you can find someone at first sight fun and attractive but rarely does such an introduction that takes place over the next 4 hours.

Make sure you are alone with the person of your choice for at least 4 hours. Do not go to the movie, the opera or a sports game. That leads you too much to each other. For example, go hiking in a park, on the beach or in the woods. Or do you drink coffee or eat somewhere? This way you can find out if you want to spend more time together.

Make sure it feels safe for your guest. You can be alone with others while you are visible by others remotely.
It is easiest to do the same with each candidate. It's cheaper and easier. It has to click on two sides before it goes much further. Your partner can be the right partner for you, but the opposite is not. Do not handle months with someone if no chemistry occurs. Finding the right partner, if not. Continue with the following candidate.

Just as long as you've found the right partner.

Author's Bio: 

Misty Jhones