LinkedIn isn’t the most amazing or interactive or even fun social network on the scene today but no one can deny what an amazing tool it is for businesses. If you successfully master it and make use of all its features, your business can benefit exponentially in the long run. The trick is to use all of LinkedIn’s little secrets and features so you can make full use of the popular social network. Here are some of LinkedIn features to be aware of.
1. Mentions
’Mentions’ is LinkedIn’s latest feature which is as useful as they come. LinkedIn’s ‘Mention’ feature is much like Facebook ‘mention’ feature wherein members can now mention their companies and connections in their updates. You just have to type the name of the company or connection in a comment field or the status update box and proceed to select the name you want. That company or person will then be notified of the mention. While it might not sound like much of a big deal, it’s actually a pretty useful feature, as it allows you to start a conversation with someone easily. This new LinkedIn feature allows you to build a relationship with any of your connections.
2. LinkedIn Search
LinkedIn new Search algorithm now includes some extra features which are aimed at making the process more efficient. The “search” feature is really useful for professionals and their businesses. This new LinkedIn feature has taken search to a whole new level by allowing users to discover new companies and people to connect with that you can build relationships with and get more leads out. The new LinkedIn Search offers auto-complete suggestions for additional ideas when you are searching for someone, as well as suggested searches, which helps you discover more companies and connections. Say you enter a job title; you will also get example search queries related to that title of people, top results and jobs. The algorithm is also more intuitive in that it will better understand your needs over time and offer you more significant results. You can also save searches and get automated alerts for new stuff in that search.
3. Company Pages
As a business owner, you should seriously consider setting up a LinkedIn Company Page. As we stand today, there are around 2.8 million Company Pages with HP being the first to cross the 1 million followers mark. Company pages are a great LinkedIn feature that allows you to get more engagement, reach more people, and raise your brand awareness.
4. Get Introduced
This great LinkedIn feature lets you make the best new connections possible. ‘Get Introduced’ allows you to search your connections’ connections by keyword. If you come across someone you would like to connect to, you just need to have the initial connection introduce you two. It is a great way to make strategic connections with which your business can go a long way.
5. LinkedIn Signal
The homepage of LinkedIn has been known to overwhelm quite a few business owners. It can be difficult to get to the information you actually care about. Thankfully now LinkedIn Signal has arrived. This is a great new feature which you can use to search through updates, conversations, etc. to instantly find the things that matter the most to you, without actually having to sift through piles of unnecessary updates and information. LinkedIn Signal does not limit you to searching just with keywords, but also allows you to use topics and locations as well as add up to ten filters. This new LinkedIn feature allows you to keep up to date with what your connections are doing in real time.

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