From the beaning of 21 century the trend of mobile phone technology is growing up very fast. Latest technology introduced daily in mobile market. There are both side advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones but now we'll talk about the best five application that every blogger, web developer and the person works online must have these applications in their mobile. Let’s have little look;
1.WordPress for Mobile
In the list of mobile applications i love to download first WordPress application. Because I myself a blogger and this application is very necessary for all bloggers. WordPress application keep the person updated about it's website, for example if someone comments on your blog, site stats, daily, monthly and weekly views, you can also add posts to your website with the help of WordPress mobile application. I recommend this app to all bloggers to download it in your mobile phones and get in touch with our visitors.
2.Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the service provide by the Google. It is a magical and free tool to where you can see the online visitors on your blogs. Location of your visitors, Source of visitors not only this Google tells you that either visitor is male or female and by which query he comes to your site. We can easily access to Google analytic simply by creating account in it, but this is not the limit Google Analytics Application is also available in Play store and as well in app store of iPhone.
3.Alexa Rank
The Third application which i am using in my iPhone name is "Alexa Rank". This is small browsing application available in store for free and take very less space. Download and open the application and just type the address of your website in the search bar and get the complete state of your website world widely. Alexa shows you the world wide rank of your website as well show the country vise ranking and the backlinks of your website. Not only has this it also showed the top searching keywords of your website and also you competitor’s websites. With the help of Alexa you can easily find your competitors.
4.Google AdSense
As everybody knows that internet is the money making machine. Web developer, bloggers and digital marketers uses different ways to make money online. But in the list of advertisement the Google AdSense is the king of all advertisement companies. You no need to have computer or laptop to see your daily earning. Just open the play store download the Google AdSense application and login to your account. You will be always updated that how much you earn today? How much you earn yesterday and how much last week and this month earning in one screen.
5.E-mail Aap
This is not possible that you’re in the field of blogging and digital marketing and you only have one E-mail Id. Every person who is working online have many accounts and many e-mail ids. To access your all account you must have mobile application of your E-mail providing company. Famous are G-mail, Yahoo, MSN etc. all of these companies have the mobile applications.
That was the five applications that every bloggers must have in mobile phones. I hope you enjoy the study and if you have any question any idea or opinion in mind, so please don't hesitate to share with us by using below comment box or by clicking on contact us page. Because your writing is important for us and we'll try our best to give you positive response.

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Shoaib Raza is an Article Writer and love to define different kind of Pros and Cons of the good things and bad things connect with human life.