As the internet and media viewership grows, people from all economic backgrounds, income levels, and ages are getting more and more concerned about what they wear and how they look. Everybody seems to know what’s in fashion and what’s not. But designer clothing is not cheap.

Does that mean you cannot look fashionable without spending a lot? Wrong!

You don’t need to go bankrupt to look stylish – there are several ways to look trendy and presentable. Below are just a few hacks to help you build a wardrobe of your dreams without spending much.

Set a Monthly Budget

If you are an impulsive buyer, then setting up a fixed budget for all your extravagant, fashion indulges can be an effective life hack. If you are a socialite, there must be months when you probably do not have to attend a luxurious event. Fix an amount, according to your earnings, that you can spend on clothing items every month. Make sure that it includes extras like accessories, bags, and shoes as well. Then buy only what is needed when an important event or party is scheduled. This way, you will not only spend wisely but will also have room to invest in the finer things – according to the said occasion – without going on a guilt trip later. 

Ditch High-End Clothing Brands for Good

If you are being honest with yourself, you will accept that high-end clothing brands cater to specific people. These are luxury products that are in most cases unnecessarily expensive. With a good sense of style and a thorough survey of the market, you can manage to look fashionable without pouring half of your income down the drain. Instead, look for replicas, online stores, or even thrift shops. There are a number of online stores selling cheap fashion clothing for women.

Fashion has more to do with how you carry yourself and what trends are in for the season instead of being strictly brand-conscious and spending a thousand dollars on one bag. Look at high-end stores and magazines for inspiration, but stick to the cheaper options.

Do Not Get Lured by the Price Tag

Research has shown that regular shoppers often tend to associate the value of a product with the price tag. Hence, if they go out on a shopping spree, they end up spending more than what they intended to. This is mostly because of the general perspective that finer things are more expensive. Retail store displays also play with this idea of the buyer's psychology. They provide greater visibility to the more expensive products of the store – this way, once something attracts the buyer and they check its price, an anchor is set. Now, if you move on and browse more items, you will compare them with the pre-set anchor –thus, making an unreasonably high purchase on a simple tank top will be rationalized because of comparative psychology. That is why it is important to have your budget as well as an anchor price well defined to that you do not give in to smart marketing tactics.

Rent Pre-Loved Clothes for Formal Events and Parties

Spending twenty thousand dollars on a gown that you will probably only wear for a single night is ridiculous! Even for people who can afford them – that is why rental services for clothes have been emerging. You can now save a massive amount of money and simply rent dresses, gowns and even suits for a ceremony, a formal event, a family function, and even meetings. Young girls going for prom nights have also resorted to rental clothing services for their big day! 

Keep an Eye on Off-Season Sales and Discounts 

Finally, buying things from sales is a win-win situation. But then again do not merely buy things by comparing their sale price with the original price. See what suits your body type, personal style as well as your budget. Be wary of the fact that some trends die as soon as the season is over – that is why you need to stay away from them. Instead, keep up with the latest fashions and pick clothing items that you can reuse. This includes staples like jeans, basic shirts, and tops. Shoppers who have strictly bought clothing items from sales have successfully saved a massive amount of money.

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