Small Version: Joining the ranks in the Flip family, the UltraHD is among the easiest-to-use digital camcorders available. This model provides 8GB of storage, hi def video capture, the ability to work with an included rechargeable battery pack or off-the-shelf AA batteries, and HDMI output.

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Long Version:

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Flip camcorders — regardless of which model — aren’t about the budget-conscious consumer. They’re focused at people who desire to casually shoot video without fumbling around with a lot of settings and memory cards and cables. And nevertheless Flip camcorders are priced at essentially double that which you’d have the ability to pay for competing compact camcorders with equivalent features, they’re still selling like hotcakes. So, yes, they’re too costly for people who know how you can use camcorders and need a bunch of capabilities at a decent cost, but they’re apparently priced just suitable for everyone else. And so we dance.


·1280×720 H.264 video recording, 9.0Mbps average bitrate

·8GB of memory (not expandable), 120-minute recording time

·1/4.5″ HD CMOS sensor

·Two-inch 960×240 LCD

·2x digital zoom, no optical zoom

·Up to 2.5 hours battery life, 6 hour recharge time via USB

·HDMI output (cable not included)

·Built-in video editing software with YouTube upload

·MSRP of $199

The Good:

The Flip UltraHD is really a decent portable camcorder that features a big red record button, a four-way rocker, and play, delete, and power buttons. Put it at the hands of anyone who not often, if ever, shoots video, show them exactly where the power button is located, and watch them go. It really couldn’t be much easier to work with.

The switchblade-style USB adaptor flips out for instant and simple connection to your laptop or computer along with the included program (stored in the camera’s storage) can make simple edits and YouTube uploads a reasonably effortless process. Video quality is decent given you have sufficient light available. Audio quality is also reasonable assuming you’re not handling too much wind or ambient noise.

Once more, the primary interest for these cameras is ease of use and, in that respect, the UltraHD shines. It is possible to do everything with one hand plus the camera pops easily into an normal pocket, purse, or small bag. The addition of user-replaceable batteries is a sizable plus; if the inner rechargeable battery pack runs dry, you might pop in a couple of store-bought AA batteries and you’re back in business.

The Bad:

Though the ability to output video to your Television via HDMI is a nice, straightforward, and welcome addition, the UltraHD doesn’t include an HDMI cable. And for those who have an more dated HD telly with RGB connections, you’re out of luck. Flip sells an HDMI cable for $25 on its website and given that the normal person who buys a Flip camcorder maybe isn’t all that technologically savvy, that’s likely to be an unwelcome further cost.


The Flip UltraHD is an easy-to-use and very-portable camcorder that works well for casual video capturing by newbie technology users. Coupled With its simplicity, its ultra portablility will see it a good addition for your future getaway.

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