For the love of hemp, why can't we all just get along and eject money and greed forever?!

There has been a ban on growing hemp for many decades in many parts of the world. ​

The banning of hemp went viral sometime around the mid 1930's. In hindsight we can see that, there were a lot of big money players behind the push to outlaw hemp. Why? These players had new investments in plastics and thought hemp too big a competition. What better way to squash competitors than to align their product with mind altering marijuana and THC and legislate them out of business?

Hemp, it's been around and been used by Man (and Woman!) for MILENNIA. Why does it have bad feelings attached to it? That's right, the tv told you it was the big bad boogeyman a long time ago, didn't it? least, that's what it told your parents, who then handed it to you: hemp is bad.

Well, I'm here to tell you that not only is hemp NOT bad, it could be one of the very few plants that has the potential to save Humanity.

​Yes, that's a pretty bold statement, I know. Please allow me to explain.

​History of Hemp and Man
The 'Columbia History of the World' tells us that the oldest remnants of human industry are small pieces of hemp fabric discovered in tombs dating back to approx. 8000 BC

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest and most durable natural plant fibers. Not only is hemp fibre strong, but garments also hold their shape very well over time. Hemp has one of the lowest percent elongation of any natural fibers, called bast fibers. Levi Strauss used hemp for their very first pair of jeans out of California. Natural organic hemp fiber ‘breathes’ and is biodegradable. That's right, when you're finished with your jeans you can throw them into the compost, no kidding.

The oldest piece of paper, dated to be more than 2000 years old, was discovered in China and is made from hemp. Until 1883, 89% of all paper in the world was made with hemp fiber. The Gutenberg bible (15th century), Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland (19th century) was originally printed on hemp paper.

​If we want to get back to being closer to Nature, I think a move back toward using hemp is a great way to do so.

Try hemp history week for more info:

Proven Superior Quality Products From Hemp Include
Clothing; much softer and long lasting than cotton. Includes hemp bedding. After one night on hemp sheets, you'll never want to go back to man made fibers again.

Building materials; hempcrete lasts much longer and withstands nearly anything Mother nature throws at it
Hemp seed oil; the health benefits over reach anything that any fish oil offers.

The list of products that can be made from hemp is just way too long to even attempt. Virtually everything we use in modern life can be made out of hemp, cheaper, easier and with less footprint on the Earth. A more sustainable future can be ours if we start to live mind-FULLY.

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