Having burned through five seasons at Arsenal FC, Olivier Giroud never entirely satisfied the buildup that encompassed him. Be that as it may, it's an entirely unexpected story once you investigate his details, with 98 goals in 226 appearances the French striker has piled on a nice number of goals for the Gunners. Despite the fact that it may not precisely be "world class" numbers, it is a respectable aggregate for a Premier League striker given that 68 of those appearances were off the seat.

Giroud has gotten a lot of feedback all through his Arsenal vocation yet one can't deny the way that he has demonstrated quality, there are very few in Europe who can hold the roll together in the same class as Giroud in tight territories. Such qualities won't not be adequate for Arsenal right now but rather a specific London club named West Ham United are glad to take the 30-year-old striker to their recently delegated London stadium.

Giroud's 16 goal count over all rivalries last season won't not be sufficient for Arsenal consider him as the club's driving striker any longer and are as of now in interest for a more youthful and demonstrated goalscorer this mid year. In any case, Giroud does not really need to stress over moving too far from London with the Hammers currently seeking after the striker. With expanding enthusiasm from West Ham United in Giroud, we should investigate 3 reasons why he would be an extraordinary marking for the Hammers.

Premier League understanding

Premier League can be a truly intense place for most new strikers rolling in from Europe. The physicality and the extreme conditions can some of the time influence it to appear like damnation for outside players. Yet, Giroud is somebody who has put in five years at the club and has dependably figured out how to have a normal of 18 goals for every season, which is very noteworthy and something that the Hammers could utilize.

West Ham's absence of demonstrated strikers

The striking office has been the one place where the Hammers have battled the most with two of the clubs primary strikers passing up a great opportunity through damage for most parts of last season. Leaving Andy Carroll as the main decision striker for the club. The Hammers definitely can't survive another period of the Premier League with Andy Carroll as the main decision striker.

As shoddy as it can get

As per Transfermarkt, Olivier Giroud is right now esteemed at £ 23 million however in the event that West Ham United can arrange well, they could the French striker for as less as £20 million. Given his goalscoring record and experience, it is unquestionably a can of hope for the Hammers.

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