Pu-erh tea is red in shape, bright in soup color, unique in aroma, and tastes good. Therefore, many people like to drink Pu-erh tea, but do you have a misunderstanding about Pu-erh tea?

Pu-erh Tea Misunderstanding 1: The older the better.
Do not simply think that Pu-erh tea is better as it ages. In fact, Pu-erh tea can only get better and better if it is of good quality, in the correct storage conditions, and also within a certain time range. Passing the customs or irrational storage conditions will not make Puer tea better.

Pu-erh Tea Misunderstanding 2: Repeatedly boiling water to maintain water temperature.

Generally, the temperature of the water used to brew Pu-erh tea is kept above 90 degrees, and the tea aroma and taste will be more obvious. So many people like to boil the water used for Pu-erh repeatedly, and some friends even let the boiling water keep boiling . In fact, this is a very bad practice, because repeated boiling of water will cause a large amount of salt to be precipitated. The more repeated burning, the greater the number of trace metals generated, and these substances will affect Pu-erh. Taste is even bad for human health.

Pu-erh Tea Misunderstanding 3: Drinking tea can replace drinking water.

Although Pu-erh tea has health-care functions, it is not a substitute for drinking tea, because tea water also contains other substances, if these substances are ingested too much, they will not be absorbed by the human body. It has side effects.

Pu-erh Tea Misunderstanding 4: Drink only Pu-erh Tea.
Some tea friends like to drink Pu-erh, and there is Pu-erh tea in their homes. They drink Pu-erh every day and drink Pu-erh every year, but according to Chinese medicine, different teas have different health effects, and different teas should be selected for different seasons. This is more conducive to good health.

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