The concept of designing has changed over recent years, since laser engraving technology has made things extremely easy. In the past, people used to rely on the skilled person but today we can make elegant designs on any materials via laser technology. Laser engraving on woods and metals is now extremely popular and allows a user to create delicate art piece without having any trouble. Though there are many techniques used to engrave in metals today we will highlight four amazing ways to create dazzling designs in metals.

Selections of the metal

The majority of people think the quality of the design depends on the quality of the laser head engraving tools. But to be honest, this is completely wrong. Smart people always chose their metal by analyzing tons of variables since allows them to create a unique design without having any flaws. For instance, it’s better to make engraved laser design on a plain sheet of metal rather than on an uneven surface. However, if you are looking to engrave on an uneven surface make sure you read the manual very carefully so that you can set the right preset for the laser head.

Using an adjustable mount

The importance of an adjustable mount when it comes to laser engraving design is enormous. If you buy a desktop laser engraver for metal make sure it comes with an adjustable mount system. It will help you to craft on the uneven surface. After unboxing your laser kit, you should read the manual first for the correct assembly of the product. Some of you might think it will be a very complex process but if you follow the guidelines of the manual, it will take less than hour to have the setup ready.

When marking metals, the type of laser that is available must be taken into account. Although CO2 lasers can engrave in virtually any metal, they are expensive and difficult to operate. 6w diode lasers, which are great for a home workshop because they are relatively cheap, small and convenient to use, they can only mark stainless steel and titanium. Make sure you consider this fact when you use a desktop laser engraver for quality markings.

Paints and rust on metals

Though laser engraving heads are extremely powerful, it doesn’t mean you will be able to make an elegant design with paints coated metals. The extreme heat from the laser head with melt the paint and destroy the design to some extent. In such cases, you can use masking tape to avoid such unnecessary burning of the paint. When it comes to rusted metal, you need to be extremely careful. Engraving on a rusted metal is not recommended as it causes faulty design. You need to prepare the metal first by removing the rust.

The quality of the design

The quality of the design which you load on the software plays a great role when it comes to top-notch design. Try to visualize the design on the metals and if necessary bring some changes. As a designer, you must understand the importance of tweaking the base design based on the various shape of the metals. Things might not be easy at the initial stage but if you remain focused, it won’t take much time to develop your laser engraving skills. Be smart and try to visualize things to acheive a better result.

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