VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is regarded as the best development platform for building various communication solutions. In this era, most of the entrepreneurs, as well as global business owners, are choosing VoIP development services. If you are having confusion in choosing the best development platform, then we recommend you to follow the given article carefully. It will provide you detailed information about the VoIP solution.

For VoIP development, FreeSWITCH is considered as one of the best telephony platforms. It has been used to create omnichannel communication infrastructure and supports various types of the codec as well as protocols. FreeSWITCH services will help the users to build scalable, secure as well as robust FreeSWITCH solutions. With this solution, you will get a reliable platform for the development of the feature-rich solution.

Why Choose FreeSWITCH Development Services?

FreeSWITCH development is capable to transform your dream project into a working telephony application. Even more, it also supports thousands of concurrent calls as well as support development of the versatile solutions. It also has a unique call control mechanism that is used to provide high-quality calling experience. The team of FreeSWITCH development will provide custom VoIP solutions such as Call center software, Clic2call, IP PBX System, Billing solution, etc. There are many more factors that are responsible for making FreeSWITCH development the best platform for VoIP development. The main points are mentioned below:

Inbuilt Libraries and Modules:

You need to know that FreeSWITCH is developed by the VoIP experts using various inbuilt libraries and modules. It helps the developers to build the perfect robust solution. There are VoIP development companies that usually have FreeSWITCH experts that know nitty gritty of all libraries and modules.


FreeSWITCH development is compatible with various operating systems which include Ubuntu, Mac OS, Windows, Debian, RHEL, etc. Even more, it supports various codecs, platforms and media files such as audio, video, text, multimedia and many more.

High Voice and Video Quality:

FreeSWITCH development supports HD quality videos as well as clear voice quality. It will provide the best quality even when multiple concurrent channels are in use.

Multi-Tenant VoIP Development:

It is a popular solution that supports thousands of concurrent videos as well as audio calls. It helps in creating a cluster of the tenant and improves the call quality without affecting it.

Supports Various Languages:

After reading the aforesaid facts, you understood that FreeSWITCH development services are one of the best telephony platform development services. Thus, it is suggested to everyone who is looking forward to building a VoIP communication system. It will not only empower your business communication, but also helps to enhance the collaboration as well as start a new business. The businesses can also avail custom configuration, FreeSWITCH solution setup, and installation, etc.

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Author works in a company that offers VoIP development services such as WebRTC programming, FreeSWITCH development, Asterisk programming, and Kamailio services.