Children have curious minds. Now it is up to you how you make use of their curiosity? When you teach your kindergarteners how to learn reading, you can employ creative ways to use this very curiosity for their benefit.

There’s no one way which you can call best when you are helping children learn something new. But what you can be sure of is that formal lessons are not the only way. Sometimes you help them learn things without even them realizing that they are in the process of learning something new.

As a parent, you must not think that your responsibility ends when your child starts attending kindergarten school. This is your true test when you have to choose the best kindergarten, which helps your child learn without you burdening him with the knowledge of being in the process of assimilating new content.

For such a school, ensure that you do your due research. Many schools employ creativity to help children learn reading in all parts of the world. Especially in the UAE, many international curriculum schools have effective learning strategies for their KG Students. If you live there, you can enroll your child in one of the Kindergarten schools in Sharjah for giving your child a fun-filled learning opportunity.

This article is your chance to explore some of those ways to help teach your kid how to read.

Four ways to teach children how to read:

Instead of asking a child to take a book up and read, you can employ your creative brain cells and help them learn something new without asking them to learn it. Following are some of those ways which ask teachers to do something out of the box:

Display letters and words

You can prepare different hangings displaying words and letters around the classrooms. When they see the graphics and pictorial presentation of the alphabet and numeric, they feel curious. They want to learn how to pronounce them. You can label everything present in the class from the chair, table, door, window cupboard, etc.

Create word families

Children learn fast when they can make connections between things. Make pairs and groups of words for them. Help them pronounce one and let them learn to pronounce the rest. Tell them which words rhyme, instead of making them have to learn each of those words separately. When they learn how to pronounce the rhyming words, they will be curious to find out what those words mean.

Play decoding games

When a child knows the alphabet, you can give him words which he will de-code by himself. When he knows the sounds of each letter in the word, he will find it thrilling to find out the correct pronunciation of the said word.

This decoding of words becomes even more interesting if you make it a part of a game or a quiz competition.

Word search bingo

Students lose focus when they are only listening, and the classroom is not interactive. A teacher can prepare handouts and sheets with word bingo, and ask students to find and encircle as many words as they can within a given time. This can be a fun activity and will test the ability of students to recognize words from a jumble.

Help children love to read by making it fun!

A child can either love reading or be completely disinterested in it. You can make it fun for your child by choosing to give them an opportunity of studying in a good kindergarten. If you are in the UAE, you have a plethora of options to choose from. You can enroll your child in one of the Kindergarten schools to develop the love for word building and decoding in him.

Understanding words at an early age stimulate a child’s brain to be better able to understand and adapt to language in the longer run.

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