A chest of drawers is a small stand alone piece of furniture having multiple drawers, one above the other. They have enough of storage space to store your personal belongings, clothing and other accessories. In terms of comfort and style, a bed holds the most prominent place in the bedroom, but if functionality and storage are considered, a chest of drawers is of the utmost importance. A chest of drawer is also called as a dresser. Not only in the bedroom, but a chest of drawers can also be placed in any corner of the house. They can be kept in a living room, kids room, guest room, etc. If you are in search of such furniture piece, you can buy a chest of drawers online. Varying in types, styles and sizes, chest of drawers comes with endless options such as a wooden chest of drawers in classic style, or a chest made with MDF, etc.

An antique piece of storage, which now evolved into a classy furniture piece, which offers you with functionality and space to keep your room free from clutter. They are usually made from hardwood which offers durability and longevity. A chest of drawers comes in mainly two different sizes:

1. Waist height: Easily accessible, small in height, a chest of drawer with waist length can be used for multiple purposes. Other than storing articles, it can also be used as a side table or a bedside table. It has three to four drawers, comparatively less than the other size.

2. Shoulder height: Purely meant for storage, a shoulder height chest of drawers stands vertically high. It has multiple drawers, more than the one with waist height. It is a huge rectangular cabinet, which can be chosen as an alternative to a cupboard.

Depending upon the available space and what style you want to opt for your room, a chest of drawers can be chosen accordingly. They come in a wide variety, made with high-quality wood. Wooden chest of drawers adds a warm undertone to your room, giving it a very cosy feel.

Before buying a chest of drawers, you must first of all, consider the spaces available where it is suppose to be kept. A size that fits the space and fulfils your storage requirement must be selected. Also, one must not forget the doors and entry ways. A chest of drawer must be placed in such a way that the door and drawers do not collide while opening as this would damage the finish and cause scratches on both the entry door and surface of the drawers. Also, make sure that chest is kept away from any heat or water source as both water and heat reduces the life of the wooden furniture.

If you are running out of storage space and want an affordable solution, a chest of drawers is perfect. Easy to access with a lot of organised and well-defined space, it can be used for storing bedside necessities or any other articles. It makes sure that you never have to throw any of the items due to space constraints. You can buy a wooden chest of drawers online with natural, honey, teak, walnut and mahogany finish with Wooden Street. Wooden Street is an online custom furniture store, offering you premium quality products, handcrafted with Sheesham and Mango wood at affordable prices. They have an extensive range of wooden furniture with different options such as king size beds, queen size beds, sofa sets, dining tables, etc.

From storage to style, a chest of drawers has evolved itself. Most of the chests are of waist height having three to five drawers. Its top surface is made flat so that it can also be used as a table for keeping a flower vase, jewellery box, photo frame, etc. While they come in various options, selection completely depends on the preferences of the person buying it. A chest of drawers also comes with an option of choosing drawers. You can buy a chest with two, three, four or as many drawers you want. You can also get a chest customised as per your requirements. Either shape, size, material or the number of drawers, you can get it done easily.

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