When was the last time you heard about industrial painting? Painting at an industrial level is different from commercial or residential painting jobs. Such large scale works are more complicated involving enormous use of labour and technology. A major part of industrial painting includes factory painting which is a specialised arena demanding durable and precision coating. However, the complications associated with such kind of industrial level painting are clearly defined in the regulations. These regulations define the standard of paint application and how they should be accomplished.

Paint which is applied at a factory or plant is typically different from standard residential or commercial paint. Furthermore, the type of paint used at an industrial unit, say a factory of or a plant differs widely with respect to the area of application. Did you know that in the case of industrial painting, the production processes, and requirement for maintaining cleanliness along with manpower deployed are responsible for defining the correct way of paint application? Hence it is important for manufacturers that they ought to be careful in picking the right kind of factory or plant paint to reap maximum benefits.

Choosing the right factory paint contractor

Like we have said it is of prime importance to be careful when choosing factory painting services; what is of equal significance is that a manufacturer must choose reliable and knowledgeable Factory Painting experts in Melbourne who have the knowledge in selecting paint or surface coatings which are appropriate. Choosing the perfect contractor is not a choice but a necessity, especially when you want to reap benefits out of appropriate coatings applied on factory and plant interiors.

If you are a manufacturer owning a factory or a plant and are in need of contacting a reliable “Painter Near Me” make sure you have researched enough on the contractor. Picking a painting company out of manifold options may appear difficult at first sight. Before you select an industrial painter, find out their specialised area of operations. Below mentioned are areas in which industrial painters hone up at:

  • Bottling Plant
  • Food processing
  • Food packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Catering kitchens
  • Packaging plant
  • Epoxy floor and surface painting at food packaging plant
  • Food processing plant
  • Sanitary surfacing
  • Juice processing plant

Food production factory or plant painting

The above mentioned areas of specialisation encompass industrial painting. Now what are the jobs that comprise industrial painting? Here have a look at what these experienced painters do:

  • Removing old paint or any kind of coating
  • Factory’s concrete floor painting and correcting
  • Painting steel doors, equipment and shelving systems of a plant or rendering a coat to these surfaces
  • Offering antimicrobial coatings to surfaces for a cleaner and hygienic environment at laboratories and room environments
  • Painting safety directional signs or symbols to reinstate safety across the space

Factory painting which forms a significant part of industrial painting is pretty important these days. They are much different from standard painting options. When selecting a painter, make sure you have gone through the company’s profile and experience in the industry.

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The author runs a Factory Painting company in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been sharing details of industrial painting and key areas involved.