The luxurious locks of Irish English and Gordon Setters, Flat Coat and Golden Retrievers are what beauty in a dog means. Keeping them that way means a lot of work from their lucky owners. Enjoy these tips to keep these beautiful animals looking and feeling their best.

1. In the spring - Fleas begin to attack grass and carpets again after a slowdown from the winter. Borax in the carpet overnight once a week, and a two-year spray on all your grass should be started. Dogs with very dry skin can show allergies this time of year, and it is a must to keep an eye on the long-haired guys when everything is blooming and pollen is high, as dogs typically do not show allergies by sneezing, but by an irritated coat. Fur also needs extra brushing as the winter coat throws out and is replaced by new summer fur. If you brush once a week, tread it up to twice a week until the winter coat is completely gone. If you took a break from your Frontline, restart it.

2. In the summer - fleas are in full rage now and you will really benefit from the spray job on your lawn you did that spring. Keeping it clipped will also give fleas a smaller hiding place. If you have gone camping with your dog, be sure to check the beautiful fur for ticks, check it well, there is a lot of hair to hide in. Pollen dies down in the summer, but keep that dog cool by shaving your belly or previous that they are sports dogs and love the water, a small plastic pool will help them and you will laugh all summer by their pranks. It is a must that these long-haired dogs always have access to water, that fur keeps them extremely warm.

3. In the fall season - This is when you need to make your second semi-annual lawn spray for fleas. Autumn is difficult, the Indian summer in many places can keep the temperature furious to 90 degrees, and dog hair knows that winter is on its way, so keep that care going to make sure you also know what your dog's body is. You will find the crisp summer coat all over your rug; continue with Frontline and Borax. Pray on sunny days and enjoy watching the leaves turn.

4. In the winter - Older dogs may not grow the kind of sturdy fur they did when they were younger, so make sure they have a downy fuzz to keep them warm. A blanket that a horse can wear can be purchased if the dog is cold. Some dogs grow such a robust coat that care has to be stepped up twice a week. This is the time of year many areas can take a break from Frontline, but I keep Borax up in the rug, fleas still breeding in warm houses.

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The luxurious locks of Irish English and Gordon Setters, Flat Coat and Golden Retrievers are what beauty in a dog means.