Have you ever thought about how Mother Earth was feeling? Well, she shows just that through mirroring our negative emotions that have collectively caused all sorts of catastrophic pain. If you visualize connecting to her crystalline core heart deep within the center of her spirit (who is called by Gaia) you may just find out how she is hurting.

Imagine (even better through prayer from Prime Creator/Source) that she is telling you that even the trees have asked not to hear the negativity all around them. These trees, part of our collective consciousness too, have chosen to stay asleep. Their real beauty will remain unreachable when they are in a winter's state. Not just the season of winter, but all the time from the hurting noises that take over the atmosphere that even reaches to the Galaxies. Wars, violence, lack, selfishness, killing, are all spears to her crystalline heart.

You might say we become numbed like the emotional winter's sleep of Gaia, too. All that was mentioned above that kills the spirit of love is enforced every time we turn on the television to watch the fabricated news, and movies geared to dumb us down so we do not have the initiative to think of broader thoughts. Thoughts other than how to get through the day, work, play, and stay hidden away from what are valuable thoughts.

If you only knew the true power of yours and my thoughts, and then even greater when combined with others' thoughts you would think twice before having one! Whichever focus we give to our thoughts becomes our greater reality. Then when we connect with others of like-mindedness these vibrations are multiplied to either create loving circumstances, or those of lack, misery, and foregoing self-control.

Given such information of creation of our reality (which is really nothing other than a hologram of thoughts) we are able to understand why Mother Nature has mirrored the destructive forces of such into hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and even fires or floods. We need to wake up to these facts of how to create a better world. This world will only become a restored one if we actively stop polluting and destroying her. The damage has already been too far done. Mankind has not only consistently deteriorated Gaia's beautiful natural resources but incrementally exhausts the life-force of the animal kingdom. The fish, whales, and dolphins who find their homes uplifted from the bottom of the seas (through man's selfish motives to use the sand to build more concrete) are proof of certain desolateness.

What well-wishers do not realize is that when they make protests to these mentioned atrocities they are only feeding into the negative forces that create them. Instead of protesting let us send loving kind, forgiving energy of thoughts in collective form that will help Gaia to heal. Again, focusing our attention of what is good, rather than what is wrong is a better way to keep Gaia's Post Traumatic Stress away. This is a beneficial practice for us humans who share in her PTSD mental torment, too!

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Want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me for a free inspired poetry consult. As an experienced Social Worker skilled in Veterans PTSD, victim turned victor twice of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother) I share the healing of negative emotions (one or two at a time in rhyme) that make it a safe place to heal. We stay in the "present while not reliving any trauma.) What comes next is the connection to our Higher Power (Jesus/Sovereign Lord Emmanuel is mine) that transforms sorrow into strength to help self and others regain peace and joy. I use this process through giving Workshops on PTSD Healing in Inspired Poetry. My published books and over 300 articles (mostly in rhyme on PTSD) are at: http://RisaRuse.com.