If you are someone who is looking forward to Study in Germany in 2020, then you must be aware that one of the essential requirements to get the Germany Student Visa is to justify your living expenses to the Immigration.

You may have definitely come across the term, ‘Blocked Account’ if you are preparing to attend your higher education course in Germany. For the students who have moved to Germany, the blocked account is essentially like a savings account that offers fixed returns. It is an important step in the student visa process for Germany. An amount of 10,356 Euros (INR 8,80,260) has to be deposited in the blocked account by the students which is the specified annual living expense.

The visa application of the students is accepted as soon as they transfer the money to blocked account. The higher education aspirants of Germany have to buy a blocked account and only then can they study in the country.
Now, as the whole world is in the pandemic situation, there is a change in this financial Germany Student Visa Requirements that you should be aware of.

Read on to know the details.

Visa Financial Requirements for Student Visa:

A blocked account called Sperrkonto is required as their proof of funds for the student willing to study in Germany. To get the Germany student visa as per the Federal Foreign Office of Germany there is a minimum amount required in this account. 8530 euros for the first year was the financial requirement for years. But now, the German Student Visa Financial Requirements has increased to 10,236 euros a year in the recent change which sums upto 20%. In order to adjust the inflation, respective changes have been made like, students can now withdraw a fixed amount every month from the blocked account. From the previous 720 euros the withdrawal amount has now increased to 853 euros.

All the other visa requirements remain the same. Take a look at the Germany student visa checklist:
• German Student Visa filled Application Form
• Two Passport size photographs
• A valid Passport
• Admission Letter from a German University
• Transcripts and Certificates of previous education
• Proof of Student Visa Financial Requirements
• Valid Health Insurance
• Visa Fee Payment Receipt
• Proof of Language Proficiency

Students need to bear in mind that they are to prepare two identical application sets while submitting the documents mentioned above and carry their original certificates along while visiting the German Missions office. Ensure to make note of all the above-mentioned documents.

It is essential to know the visa process of any country before you make up your mind to study abroad. Hope this article has given you the necessary changes in the same.
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Chase your dreams. Good Luck!

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