If you are a currently using Ziploc bags to protect your sativa, you must know how difficult it is to protect the aroma to retain its authenticity and your discretion. You might think it is safely contained, but what actually happens is that your herbs lose its potency and strength. The external elements like heat, humidity, and moisture is most likely breaking them down so that by the time it is actually being used there will be little or no “kick” in it.

Our Solution

Purchase an airtight container that will help keep out these external elements that retain the strength and condition of your stash. This is the best way to ensure that the strength of the ‘goods' doesn't wear out too soon. These jars are made to secure your weed’s moisture and freshness for any amount of time. For you, it is a way of eliminating unnecessary risks where detection is concerned. Your secret is safe with us.

Benefits of Using these Smell-Proof Containers for your Weed

There are many advantages of straying away from using plastic bags or the original packing after breaking it open on the first use. We're not going to deny that Sativa is expensive – every bit matters. If you're going to store this in your home you need to think of how it is being stored away.

A.) Protecting the Strength

You are going to want one of these airtight containers so that each bud is well stored away from harmful chemicals, moisture, and heat. The chances are that you would be able to smell the herbs once it is stored away in an ordinary Ziplock bag from a few feet away from the location. For you, this means that the quality of it is slowly declining. If it’s airtight, you can rest assured that nothing can find its way in or go out, meaning that your stash will remain fresh for weeks.

B.) Privacy and Security

Why take unnecessary risks where your stash is concerned? No one needs to do time in prison and lose their entire reputation for possession of illicit drugs. You can wave your career, family, and relationships goodbye. However, no one will suspect a pretty decorative jar resting on your kitchen counter. The best part of it is that these jars look like ordinary bamboo decoration or an authentic teak wood Buddha statue – no reason for doubt and perfectly safe to invite your parent over for the weekend.

C.) Let out Light

Light, too, can be another element that can destroy the quality of your stash. The non-porous coloured (tinted) glassware will ensure that light does not impede the taste of flavour.

D.) Travel Ready

The travel options are endless – backpack, road trip, or attend raves with this ingenious container knowing that your stash and reputation are safe.

E.) Fun and Decorative

In the event you do give up your ‘recreational activities’, this jar can always be recycled into an ornament. Not only would it be the ideal storage solution, but a fancy glass vase that looks like an hour glass will be a fun thing to talk about once the party starts.

Final Word

If you worry about your stash, get one of these airtight containers that will guarantee the quality and freshness of your sativa. Also, enjoy yourself, knowing that no one would suspect you to be in possession of it because of its discreet casing.

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