What is Aluminium Honeycomb?

Aluminium honeycomb is a material which has various type of mechanical properties. It has good applications in different fields, for eg:

  • Railway Sector

  • Lighting Sector

    • Wind Energy Sector

  • Shipbuilding Sector

  • Panels for Flooring

5 Significant features of a Aluminium Honeycomb:

  • Lightweight material

  • Environment friendly

  • Resistance(fire)

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Stiffness

An increasing Vogue:

As everybody knows that the industrial sector is one of the most important component of our economy. In other words, an economy would be incomplete with an industrial sector. With increasing time as well, the need and significance of the industrial sector is also increasing.

Aluminium honeycomb is one of the most needed materials of the respective sector. This material is used in the manufacturing of doors, tables, floors, ceilings and many more things which we need in our everyday life. On the other hand, aluminium honeycomb is also used in the manufacture of shipyards, railways, automotive etc. It also has applications in the building sector as well.

Honeycomb structure made by man are manufactured through a variety of materials which is depended on the desired application or usage of that particular honeycomb panel or structure. Aluminium honeycomb are widely used in the aerospace industry as it has the required properties like:

  • Strength

  • Safety

  • Resistant(Heat)

  • Durable(Long lasting)

  • Persistent

From where to get Aluminium Honeycombs ?

As per the consumer’s demands, B.S. Innovation has brought a platform where you can select and get the best aluminium honeycomb. B.S. Innovation manufacture international quality aluminium honeycomb so that the customer can get best of it.

B.S. Innovation is an extraordinary manufacturer and supplier of various types of laminated panels (Aluminium Honeycomb). Customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing for B.S. Innovation.

Why B.S. Innovation?

image by B.S. Innovation

B.S. innovation provides the premium quality of aluminium honeycomb. It works dedicatedly to meet the needs and desires of its clients. This company manufactures honeycomb which are:

  • Remarkable in strength

  • Insulated

  • Sound Proof

  • Light Weight

B.S. Innovation offers you a different kinds of panels like Aluminium Honeycomb, Sandwich Panel, Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel etc. it also provides Aluminium Honeycomb Core and Aluminium Sheets which are extensively used. After the manufacture of the products, those products are manually tested in B.S. Innovation.

It offers a wide range of products which we use in our everyday life like, the sliding doors in our homes and offices, kitchen stuff (cabinet, crockeries, etc). Company also manufactures partition walls with the decorative laminate faces. B.S. Innovation also supplies its products to Aluminium Almirah Wholesalers Delhi.

Honeycomb in Kitchens:

Earlier there used to be simple kitchens but with the passing time, everything changes and so as with the ‘kitchens’-the most important component of a house. A house is incomplete without a kitchen. Followingly, where everything is becoming modular and modern why would be kitchens left.

Aluminium honeycomb play a very significant role in the manufacture of a modular kitchen. The most important component of a modular kitchen is the cabinet. Various cabinets are fixed, which are made of aluminium honeycombs. Because the modular kitchens are easy to install, they look more stylish so most of the people go for a modular kitchen. Not only at our homes, but also at hotels and restaurants, modular kitchens are in trend. So if one is thinking of a modular kitchen, again B.S. Innovation provides or manufactures the products which are of an excellent strength and rigid quality that can be used in the whole kitchen. For Modular Kitchen Wholesalers Delhi – B.S Innovation is one of the best options to go for. B.S. Innovation is known for its workmanship, creative designs and good results. Anything which in manufacture with the help of wood, it can be substituted with the aluminium honeycomb. So, if you are thinking to modify your place then B.S. Innovation is an exceptional option.

The maxim of B.S. Innovation is;

“If you need any industrial solution we are available for you”

Author's Bio: 

B.S Innovation Specializes in manufacturing the Aluminium Honeycomb Cores and Aluminium Honeycomb Panels. Our knowledge of the lamination and extensive material helps us to provide our customers with myriad composite panel possibilities among which they can choose the best.