The question is, is it by the age we define one's life or by how one lived his life?. In the olden days the air was fresh, the water was cleaner and it had a huge impact on humans. But with modern day and technology the pollution level has increased like anything. If you are someone that lives in a city, you know how stressful it can be. You literally have to wait for weekends to have some self time. When you are young it doesn’t really show but as you grow in such environment, it slowly shows as you go on to live your life.

Fast city life does not wait for anyone, you have to wake up with great energy to handle the day. People are now realising how important health is and how important it is to take time to do something for your body and mind. Tiredness, red eyes by the end of the day, fatigue, loss of appetite is it something you have been experiencing? If so you are at the right place. This article will give simple tips and tricks that will help you lead a healthy life without interrupting your daily busy schedule. Fit in the tips in your lifestyle as you wish and make sure to do them daily if you want to see changes.

7 simple Tips to Lead a Healthy LIfe in Fast City Life:

Never skip your meals:
Even if you are dieting make sure to have meals from time to time. Once you start having meals from time to time your body will get used to it, making it easy to produce energy for the day.

Take time out from technology:
Even if technology was meant to make human life easier, make sure to take at least a few hours off from your cell phone, laptop and TV sets. Continuous viewing can damage eyes and also it affects the sleep pattern. Meanwhile you can read a newspaper, magazine or a book.

Try doing Yoga early in the morning:
Yoga is considered best for City life living people as it relaxes our brain and makes us calmer. If yoga is something you don’t easily get motivated about, trying getting all the accessories like:
Gym Clothing
Yoga Mats
Soothing Music
Instructional Videos
Build an environment where you would like to do Yoga.

Take 30-minute early morning walks:
Morning walks have multiple benefits like Vitamin D you get from morning sun, walking wakes you up and gives your adrenaline rush to take over the day with full energy. Studies have shown that taking morning walks can improve your mood as well.

Go out more often:
Make plans more often that too with people that you connect with. People who give you positive vibe. This can help you stay away from electronic device for some time and help you have good laughter.

Try different physical activities:
If daily gym exercise is something that bores you easily try different physical activities every now and then. For example, go for a swim or opt for badminton. This way you get your exercise done and you brain feels refreshed.

Cook healthy food:
If you are someone who does more of a sedentary work or is behind that laptop majority of the time try opting for healthy cooking. Less oil, salt and sugar start with these ingredients. The dish might not taste super tasty but your body will thank you.

Healthy lifestyle is not just fit body but also fit mental stability. Take care of yourself whenever you can. Life is too short to spend it away without any purpose. Wake up everyday in hopes of learning something new today. Enjoy every moment because it won't come back. Implement healthy lifestyle for a better, healthier future.

Author's Bio: 

Megha Kothari is a professional content creator. Megha writes about Lifestyle, food and fitness. And on the weekends you will find her sipping herbal tea and planning her next trip.