Sparse, plucked out and irregular eyebrows marred the beauty of a person and was a discomfiting thought for many. Traditionally, the beauty industry used to rely on eyebrow pencil markings or tattooing to fill in the blank eyebrow spaces.

Tattoo ink would penetrate around 7 layers deep into the skin layers, cause intolerable pain and leave a lifelong impact. Corrections made on the symbol or tattooing marks were a near impossible task. You don’t want to be a target for embarrassing and taunting remarks because of a “pen mistake” made by tattoo ink, do you? Loads of research was done and slowly technology took over. Microblading was introduced and creating dark colored semi-permanent eyebrow strokes on the face was welcomed warmly.

Microblading is done meticulously with a sterilised Microblading pen filled with safe and organic Microblading pigment. This Microblading Pen just penetrates about three layers into the epidermal skin layer and causes a tolerable minor discomfort when the miniature blades prick into the skin. The pain is lessened to a great extent because of the numbing topical application applied before the procedure is started. Messy and sparse eyebrow growth can be made regular and thick with the help of the clean and sharp strokes of the pen holding semi-permanent Microblading pigment.

Appearances hamper or boost the self-confidence of a person. This is the reason why there is an immense footfall at the beauty salons. Beauty treatments are a favourite with many even if they are tiring and exhausting. The eyebrows are an extremely important feature in a face and perfect brows can improve the facial appearance dramatically. The creatively darkened eyebrows look totally natural and this is the reason why Microblading has become a favourite with the beauty industry. The non-toxic pigment used for the procedure is organic and safe.

The surface of the skin is penetrated with a sharp blade like Microblading pen and the ink is used to design shapely eyebrows. The pigment goes about three layers into the skin surface in the shape of thin individual hair strokes, improving the distorted eyebrow shape. There are a large number of miniature hair etched that are clumped or placed together in desired shape. After about two years, the inked area starts to fade away and retouching has to be scheduled with the Microblading artist. To keep the appearance breath-taking at all times, it is imperative to be regular with touch up sessions.

Now you don’t have to fret if there are blank spaces in your eyebrows, you can get them Microbladed within no time. A good reputed salon will make sure that the Microblading room is properly sanitised and you face no more brow hair inadequacy! Pencil marks are made on the skin and they serve as a guide for the artist. The miniscule gashes made on the skin are made in the shape of a feather. This is the reason why the feathery shape is made thick and dark. Microblading beauty therapists are going to give you natural looking brow hair in abundance.

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