Since summer is approaching, it means everyone wants to cool themselves with ice-cold drinks, and whether it’s a fresh lemonade or summer fruits creamy smoothie, ice is a must-have to put in the drink. How could kids be behind all the fun that grown-ups are having? Being a mom means you have to take care of your kid’s hygiene and health very seriously. It also doesn’t mean you can’t let them enjoy their blissful childhood.

To let your child enjoy ice-cold drinks, you have to make sure that the ice is made from purified water. This could only happen if you make it at home. Now your freezer can’t pop out ice cube every time you need as you need to wait for hours for the water to freeze. Not to mention the hassle of filling and refilling the empty ice cube trays. For this, you need an ice maker machine that would do all the work for you.

What is an ice maker?
An ice maker is a portable machine that freezes water instantly and generates ice cubes within minutes. Although most of the refrigerators nowadays have a freezer compartment for ice cubes, they provide you limited output. It is especially helpful for large families where ice cube consumption is more than their freezer can handle.

Why not store-bought ice?
Whenever you get some excess need for ice, you go to a store and buy the packed ice. Mostly it happens when you have some expected friends get together, or your saved stock of ice is finished. Do you know mostly these ice packs are made in the backroom of the store, and there is not any hygiene involved? Also, you don’t even know whether the water is filtered or full of impurities and residues. Don’t let me get started on how many diseases unfiltered water can cause.

So an ice maker machine is the best option for you. You will have the surety of the water, and you will be giving you family safe ice cubes.

How does the ice maker work?
It is a small machine with a reservoir whose size depending on the type of machine you bought. If you purchased a little machine keeping in mind your small family, then the capacity in the reservoir will be small. If you have a large family and you bought a big size, then the capacity will also be more and sufficient. Now you fill the reservoir with water and mostly around 6 to 9 minutes, it starts making ice cubes. Although it varies from machine to machine mainly, it generates 9 to 10 ice cubes in 6 to 9 minutes. You can add more water and can enjoy the fresh ice cubes the whole day.

The most exciting thing is that the ice cubes are entirely white, not transparent. Transparent ice cubes melt very fast in your drink by making it watery, but on the other hand, white ice cubes take time in melting. So it lasts in your bottle longer.

Is it hard to maintain an ice maker?
No maintenance of an ice maker is quite easy. You need to frequently clean the machine. Water is full of different minerals. Even by using filtered water, mineral particles gathered on the bottom and can cause damage to the metal surface. The best thing is to clean your machine occasionally. Most of the machines are equipped with the self-cleaning button that you need to press it. It will clean itself within minutes. In case there is no such button, then you can use a clean cotton cloth and wipe it.

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