While renting a new house or apartment, it's most likely that the landlord will ask you to pay a security deposit or rental bond to ensure that all damages to the property are paid by you during the rental period. Cleaning, most definitely is one such aspect which most landlords focus on and have the authority to withhold the bond money if they find that the house is not cleaned according to their standards. So how do you ensure that the cleanliness of your house matches up to the landlord’s standards when the time comes for you to move out? Sure, you can always hire professional services of an end of lease cleaning, but as a tenant, you will also have certain responsibilities, right?

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Well, it all starts when you move in –before bringing any of your belongings, it’s your responsibility to record the condition of the property. A building condition report comes in handy as they act as an agreement between you and the landlord regarding the condition of the property when you move in. Needless to say, the more accurate the report, the better it will be when you move out. In addition to the report, taking pictures of the house also comes in handy. If all this sounds too much for you, you can always hire a professional cleaning company to inspect and clean the property on your behalf. These companies are well aware of the pitfalls and traps to look out for.

Take care of the messes as they happen

If you generally maintain a clean house, you would have no problems in getting your bond money back. Minimise clutter, remember to throw out old food and clean up stains immediately after spilling. If possible, get a humidifier, air filter and even plants so that it helps filter your air.

Home improvements

You have to remember that if things go wrong in the house, it is the responsibility of the landlord to fix them. If things go wrong, it’s your responsibility to call the landlord so that you can avoid paying for them out of your pocket. If you make improvements in the property, make sure to record before and after pictures, keep the receipts and inform the landlord about it immediately.

Follow the lease agreement

This is one aspect which most homeowners tend to overlook. Sure, in a lease, it is required to pay rent regularly in exchange for the keys to the property, but it might also have many other clauses. These clauses, more often than not are regarding things which affect the quality of the property when you eventually move out. Some landlords will not allow pets on the property while you also might to take special permission if you want to use screw and nails along with painting walls.

Hire professional cleaners

If your house seriously needs a good clean or are worried that your landlord might overcharge you, consider hiring professional cleaners. Don’t ask the landlord to suggest these cleaners; you should do it on your own. More often than not, companies will provide great deals on end of lease as well as commercial cleaning in Melbourne along with even providing a guarantee that they won’t charge you if you don’t get your bond money back.

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