According to a research by Hubspot, 64% people do not open their emails because of the email subject line! Email marketing is a powerful tool and if you don't manage it right you could be banned from inboxes altogether.

The subject line is the only thing between the email recipient and the trash button. The question to ask yourself when you are creating a subject line for your email is what's in it for them? What will get your reader to stop, click and read what you have to offer?

Email marketing has been around long enough now for digital marketers and software to spot trends both in the industry as well as specific to your business.

When sending emails, you also need to make sure it looks human! You need to be sure to send your email from a person and not an inanimate identity. An email from is less likely to be opened and is more likely to end up in someone's spam folder. And even beyond that, you could be blacklisted from an email service like Yahoo or AOL altogether

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