Located in the stunning Burj Al Arab is Wild Wadi water park featuring 30 rides and attractions to be enjoyed by all. Below let’s go into details of the wide, amazing selection of rides which are a major attraction in the park.

High Speed, High Adrenaline

Jumeirah Sceirah

Go up 32 metres high and enjoy the breathtaking views of the park before taking the most epic, thrilling ride on Dubai’s highest ride. Step into the launch chamber waiting for the countdown to end, and before you know it you’re rocketed to the bottom at a mind boggling speed of 80km/hr


● Guests must be 1.1 metres to ride
Tantrum Alley

The three downhill water slides are all about speed and excitement. Get ready to embark on an adrenaline pumping journey like no other.


● You can ride on a maximum of four and a minimum of two

● Guests must be above 1.1 metres to ride
High Speed, Medium Adrenaline

The rides include:

Wipeout and Riptide

The only place probably you’ll ever get to ride waves away from an ocean. At wipeout you can body-board, knee-board and better still surf. The ride shoots an unbelievably high amounts of water (more than 7 tonnes of water per second) in a thin sheet across a foam structure giving rise to the waves.


● Guests must be above 1.1 metre to ride
Master Blasters

The aquatic rollercoaster defies gravity blasting you 15 metres above the ground before taking on a thrilling ride powered by high powered water jets to push you uphill and downhill..


● Guests must be above 1.1 metre to ride

● Guests can choose between a single/double tube
Burj Surj

The shared tube allows you and your family/friends share a tube and plunge down a gigantic water slide. You’re taken through two head spinning spiraling spins, then proceed to another water slide that drops you into a pool.


● Guests must be above 1.1 metre to ride

● Each tube can be shared by a maximum of upto five people

Medium Speed, Medium Low Adrenaline

Wave Pool

It’s the largest pool in Middle East where you get to play and swim against up to 1.5 metre wave coming from all sides. It’s a battle you’ve got to decide if you can embark on, I guess.


● No height restriction
Flood River

Get ready to experience one of a kind fun bouncing along waves in the action packed river ride.


● No height restriction
Low Speed, Family Friendly

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon

The interactive, family friendly play structure features over 100 water activities including five slides, racing slides a dumping bucket and water guns. The zone is specially dedicated to young ones.


● There’s no height restriction
Juha’s Journey

Clearly all above discussed rides are full of thrills and there’s a high chance you’ll be you burned out when the adventure comes to an end . That said, wrap up your day in the park in a special way by taking a relaxed ride afloat the 360 metre long lazy river.


● No height restriction
What to Expect

● Changing rooms

● Luxury cabanas for rent
● Smoke zones around the park

● Rental lockers

Helpful Tips

● Guests residing in Jumeirah hotels can access wild wadi free of charge

● Weekdays are less crowded than weekends

● On busy days, the queue closes 45 minutes prior to the park’s closing time

● Book your tickets online in advance to avoid long queues

● Make snack breaks a priority especially with kids and ensure you stay hydrated

● Fully charge your phone and camera before getting into the park

● If you’re not willing to risk your camera getting wet, purchase photos taken by professionals instead

● The park has a wide range of facilities to accommodate disabled guests

● There’s a pick up/drop off at the park’s entrance

After indulging in the fun rides/slides, you’ll probably need to recharge at one of the amazing restaurants which feature different dishes including:

Julshan’s Burger and Dogs

The menu features:

● Burgers
● Shawarmas
● Sandwiches
● Salads
● Fried Chicken
● Fries

Juha’s Family Kitchen
The menu features:

● Burgers
● Shawarmas
● Sandwiches
● Salad
● Fried Chicken
● Fries

Ali’s BBQ

The menu features:

● Chicken tikka
● Kebabs
● Foot long hot dogs
● Chicken fillets
● Beef Burgers
● Fast food snacks

Riptide Pizza

The menu features:

● Fresh, brick oven pizza
Leila’s Fruits & Snacks
The menu features:
● Fresh juice
● Smoothies
● Fruit Salads

Shahbandar’s Cafe
The menu features quick treats including:

● Pop Corn
● Ice cream
● Milk shakes

Wild Wadi is a place of endless fun. A heavenly water experience dedicated to the whole family. Get yourself Wild Wadi Ticket at itickets.ae and enjoy great discounts.

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