Are you down, anxious, irritable, tired or emotionally exhausted? These types of mood disorders are becoming shockingly common, and in many cases, can easily be resolved.

Depression and anxiety most particularly have become so prevalent that it’s getting exceedingly common for individuals to take medication for one or possibly even both of these mood disorders. The incidence of depression and anxiety has tripled since 1990 and more than twenty-five percent of the adult population in the U.S. suffers from one or more types of mood trouble.

Occasionally depression or a blue mood may have no evident cause and occasionally it can be caused by a number of things. Keeping a journal is the most potent tools available for personal growth and emotional mending. It should be a day-to-day ritual. Putting down our views lets us view them as being separate from ourselves.

A wellness checklist should handle the needs of the mind, body, and soul by rendering honest daily goals. It's meant to encourage you as you battle depression, not drown you, so keep it simple and easy.

Beneficial nutrition is crucial when you are battling depression. This can be tricky, as depression tends to decrease your appetite. In order to battle depression, you need to get enough calories and nutrients to provide your body and brain with strength.

Sleep furnishes the armor you require to battle depression. Without enough rest and relaxation, you're more susceptible to those damaging messages twirling around in your brain, and less able to do beneficial things on your own behalf.

Depression may be among one of the worst illnesses we know of, but it's highly treatable. Discovering what works may involve weeks or months - and occasionally even years - of frustration and heartache, but with the range of options we now have, your prospects to cure your depression are excellent. Furthermore, we're not helpless bystanders.

Decisions we make affecting our lifestyle can also dramatically better the odds in our favor. For those of you, who are depressed, please look for help - you shouldn't have to hurt or be in agony one day longer than you have to. For those of you fighting with your treatments don't give up hope. A more happy and fulfilling future lies ahead.

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I'm Jim Moore from Reprogramming the Mind for Success.

Reprogramming the Mind for Success was written by Dean Whittingham after his parents won the lottery only to become bankrupt 4 years later and part of the 95% of lottery winners who end up with the same fate. The event caused Dean to research the reasons why such a dismal failure rate exists and discovered the real science behind the attraction to failure.

Armed with this knowledge he was able to use this science to change things around and create success instead! He has now created a book and program that not only teaches this science, but also how to Reprogram the Mind for Success. He has helped many, not only in finance, but in health, relationships and many other areas of life. You can read some of the powerful testimonials here