People, especially over the age of 75 are reported to accustom to injury-related deaths due to fall. Falls can cause broking of bones, which could lose the confidence of their mobility and independence. Although the fall itself does not cause serious injury when the person is unable to get up after the fall is more likely to suffer pressure sores or hypothermia. Hence, it becomes extremely important for older people to understand the best way to get up right after the fall when they have one. Let us check some step by step safer ways to get up after a fall and reduce the after-effects of the fall. Check for the Quality First Aid Training we offer at Inspiration Training at Northumberland

1.So when you or someone around you fall, the first step is to lie still for a couple of minutes.

2.Check if there are any serious injuries. Then systematically work to verify your body carefully checking for the pain or bleeding, and try to slowly move your limbs, one at a time.

3.If you feel that you can get yourself up after the fall, take your time. Reach your hands to hold a stable piece of furniture such as a chair, bed or a table.

4.Check for something soft to kneel to protect the knees, and hold on to the furniture sternly with both hands and use the furniture to get up.

5.Bend up one leg and put your foot firmly on the ground and push yourself up carefully. Give yourself enough time for all of this and ensure you are strong enough while getting up.

6.Keep your head forward until you are sure you have properly got your balance and continue to remain supported. Try to move yourself to the standing position slowly.

7.Once you ensure that you are still on standing position, phone call someone for help.

If you find yourself hurt

Try to grab the attention by calling out for help, bang on floor or wall to make noise or if you have a calling button, use it. If you are unable to get help, crawl to dial 999 for ambulance request. While you wait for the assistance try to reach for a blanket to keep warm by wrapping yourself and stand on the ground. Keep your legs and feet warm and stay as calm as possible.

A sudden fall could be an indicator of underlying health problem and it is always sensible to meet the general physician for the general check-up. Ask for a referral to an NHS Falls Clinic for further investigation if there is something serious. Understand the need for instigating measure, learn the specific muscle strengthening exercise classes, physiotherapy and other methods to prevent any further falls. Take advice and support on the preventive methods of the fall.

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