In today’s highly competitive world, people are left with no personal time for self-care. Stress, pollution, long working hours and unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on the health of people. Everyone is running after luxurious and comfortable life and as a result more and more time is being devoted towards work. This in turn reflects on health and skin in the form of early signs of ageing, obesity, diabetes and cholesterol, greying of hair, pigmentation, acne and pimples, tanning and dry and rough skin, the list just goes on.

Especially women are more prone to diseases because of their dual role of a professional as well as care taker at home. In their minutely managed daily schedule there is hardly any time left for themselves. Hence, on this mother’s day, Kairali pays due respect to all moms whether they be working or stay at home, for their contribution in society in building a better future.

Kairali Ayurvedic Products offers flat 20% discount on all Ayurvedic cosmetics and medicines as well as combo pack offers on beauty and health care products. Pamper your mom with authentic ayurvedic products without any side effects and let her relax and rejuvenate. Every woman wishes to look beautiful and be appreciated and there is a wide range of products, offered by Kairali, to choose from.

The exclusive combo offers being given away on mother’s day are:-

Kaircin 25 ml + Kairpack 25 gms Combo Pack         

Kaircin and Kairpack for youthful and glowing skin at Rs.1199 (discounted price) original price @Rs.1500

Kairpack + Kairwash + Kairbal Powder Combo Pack

Ayurvedic Herbal powders for face, hair and body which nourishes and cleanses and the results are outstanding. Kairpack + Kairwash + Kairbal - Available @Rs.599(discounted price) original price @Rs.775

Kaircin + Kairbossom + Kairkare Combo Pack

Three Ayurvedic oils for glowing skin, firm bosom and body massage is available in combo pack at     ₹ 1499(original price ₹ 2005).

Kairtis + Rheuma Spa Capsules Combo Pack

Combo offer on pain-relief oil and capsules which is helpful in rheumatoid arthritis and arthritic pains and inflammations. Kairtis 110ml + Rheuma spa Capsules - Available @Rs.549 (discounted price) original price @Rs.720

Kairoil + Kairwash Combo Pack

Kairoil and Kairwash are ayurvedic products from the house of Kairali Products for healthy and lustrous hair. Kairoil + Kairwash - Available @Rs.449 (discounted price) original price @Rs. 560

Kairbal + Kairwash Combo Pack

Kairbal and Kairwash are ayurvedic herbal hair wash and body wash powders for healthy glowing skin and strong shiny hair. Kairbal + Kairwash - Available @Rs.399 (discounted price) original price @Rs. 500

Tea Combo Pack

The three Ayurvedic herbal teas Yuvan, Taahira and Aarogya from Kairali Ayurvedic Products are available in a combo pack. These are rejuvenating and detoxifying herbal drinks which have healing properties. Tea Combo Pack - Available @Rs.499 (discounted price) original price @Rs. 655

Kairkare Plus + Aarogya Tea Combo Pack

Kairkare Plus and Aarogya Tea are two Ayurvedic products which are available in combo offer. Kairkare Plus is ache and pain relief oil whereas Aarogya tea helps in digestion and builds immunity. Kairkare Plus + Aarogya Tea- Available @Rs.699(discounted price) original price @Rs. 935


Cookbook + Massage Book Combo

The two Ayurvedic knowledge house, The Ayurvedic Cookbook and The Ayurvedic Herbal Massage Book are being given in combo offer. Learn healing recipes and massage techniques at ₹ 750 (original price ₹ 1000)

These exciting combo offers are available from 12th May till 31st May. For more information visit at

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<p>These exciting combo offers are available from 12th May till 31st May. For more information visit at <strong></strong></p>