These days, children have started becoming responsible for their own careers, and much of this has become possible with international education options being available everywhere. After children depart to new lands, they adapt to alien cultures and are often able to get their accommodations and visas on their own. As a parent you might feel overwhelmed with emotion, but this is just a natural outcome in today’s times.

Do you know what happens to the numerous ones who want to study abroad but do not have the means? Even if they manage to go abroad somehow, they have to quickly figure out ways to be able to recover the money. One of the ways of being able to make the education program abroad affordable for oneself is to get High School Study Abroad Scholarships.

What are study abroad scholarships?

Scholarships are grants given to certain deserving students with an aim to waive off some or all of their academic fees in colleges abroad. In most cases, students need to meet one or all of the following criteria:

1)Community service- The deserving children should have spent a certain number of hours doing community service, as per the guidelines for certain colleges

2)Steady academic grades- Grades in school must be good since a few years. CGPAs would vary from one location/school to another.

3)Grants for individuals-Specific individuals may be getting the grants based on certain criteria which are not always revealed

4)Meeting the age criteria- Students have to be within a certain age bracket to avail the scholarships

5)Citizenship criteria- Children must be citizens or nationals of a particular country to meet scholarship criteria

6)Proof of being financially challenged- In case a student comes from a financially weak section, he/she needs to have appropriate proof for the same

When parents take into account overall university fees and the number of years to be spent, it often becomes pretty expensive, sometimes even with scholarships. For this reason, it is vital that education abroad is worked out to the final detail, keeping a certain buffer for extra expenses.

Advantages of going abroad for high school

Different advantages of being abroad during high school include:

1)Develop high degree of appreciation for one’s own culture and country

2)Develop a greater sense of purpose than earlier

3)Try to become leaders if possible

4)Finding out about the nuances of different cultures

5)Maximizing the experience of interacting with people from different nationalities

6)Possibly developing the affinity for a new language

7)Learning to be financial independent

8)Making friends for a lifetime

How about an exchange program?

In case you have a year’s gap from leaving school and entering college, you can spend that time being part of an exchange program. These are not stressful for students at all since no academic credits have to be shown back home. What’s more, the cost of an exchange program that last just a year is quite low as well.

Expenses that need to be covered by parents or guardians include:

1.Passport and visa
2.Airfare for a round trip
3.Suitable type of travel insurance
4.Money for travel, tours and the pocket in the host country
5.Cultural orientation funds, if necessary
6.Funds for unexpected mishaps or emergencies

What happens when you feel homesick?

Over the course of time, students build friendships amongst each other. They are also often in good terms with specific faculty members such as counselors, with whom they can share everything. Students can definitely get in touch with them when they feel homesick.

In the initial phase of coming to a new place, there is a tremendous amount of excitement. It takes about a week or more for this excitement to die down. At times there may be a self-realization where students feel themselves as misfits for studies abroad. This is yet another situation where the counselor plays an important role.

Process to apply for a scholarship

1)Prioritize education and apply at the right time- Always take detailed notes about your scholarship. You may choose to bookmark its URL and make the application a priority

2)Apply to several schools- The chance of being selected for a few is more when you apply to many

3)Apply early to get a school as per your preference- Schools often limit their scholarships, and so you must apply before time to have a realistic chance of qualifying

4)What all has to be included in the application? CVs have to be included, and the rest differs amongst schools

5)Write a good essay- Your essay must follow the given guidelines

6)Obtain a letter of recommendation- This is a report card of your previous performance, for you to be a serious contender

7)Make your application unique- Something as unique as a YouTube presentation could make your application stand out

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