Good Habits; they aren’t always about willpower. They are about prepping yourself to face the challenges to achieve our goal. Good habits bridge the gap between us and the kind of success we are looking for.

As humans, we’re all creatures of habit. We are bound to do things no matter whether they are good or bad just because they became a habit of ours. Starting from brushing our teeth in the morning, to taking shower, and then the list goes on, we are following the same daily routine for years.

If these many habits are in our system then why it seems so hard to include good habits into our lives as well?

Well, there is a pattern to make everything work. We can’t just adopt a new good habit overnight and expect ourselves to become used to it. The scientists who studied behavioral patterns always suggest people to take small steps towards adopting a good habit.

So, what are the tips and tricks to forming a healthy habit without failure? Let’s dive into the tips that are backed by facts and researches.

Pile one habit on another - Tie your new habit to an old one, as that old habit is already in our pattern of every day. This will help you to remember as well as practice the new good habits daily without fail until they become a part of your routine.

Small steps first - Tiny little steps towards anything will help you a lot, as they can be sustained. If you make the big behavior changes all of a sudden then you’ll face a lack of motivation after a while.

Consistency - According to research any task requires something between 18 to 254 days to become automatic and on average, it requires 66 days! Consistency is the key.

Make it easy – Breezy! – Make it a bit easy for your own self. Like, choose an exercise that doesn’t require going out like sit-ups or skipping rope, etc. to keep yourself pumped up for doing it every consecutive day.

Praise yourself often – Rewards are really important as they motivate you to outperform your own self. Rewarding and praising yourself can help you self motivate so that you can start off a healthy routine.

Challenge yourself: Always keep an eye on the trend you see around you if any of them can help you in improving your routine by inculcating good habits in it. Jump in immediately!

Including good and healthy habits in your daily lifestyle is absolutely an uphill battle. But our patience and determination can help us to lead the path successfully. Make new healthy habits and improve your daily routine by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind.

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