The Government of India is on the verge to launch an upskilling program specifically for its marketers as it looks to position for a future where “everything is digital.” This can benefit Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai to enhance career opportunities for marketers.

The upskilling program for marketers majorly focuses on four keys:
● Campaign management
● Programmatic
● Social Media
● Paid Search

This initiative was undertaken after the Government Communication Service (GCS) mapped the skills and find the loopholes in the areas of its comms departments. A skilled team of marketing leaders from across government, including the Department of Work and Pensions, GREAT campaign, led by Alexia Clifford, Public Health England (PHE), deputy director of marketing activation at PHE, is examining about the deliveries of upskilling program.

Alexia Clifford dropped a statement that things are steadily moving in digital and social media marketing with extreme support of technology. Last year, a digital maturity audit held and there were a few areas and disciplines that were recognized as being ripe for a focus on digital skills.

She is looking forward to the requirement of the skills of high performing teams in marketing across government, routing against where there might be a training or learning need. Moreover, they are also tracking a learning program for the next 12 months and finding a scope for bringing advancement in the program.

This upskilling program holds several different ways for marketers in government to learn. It will be creating a wide range of opportunities for e-learning courses, formal training, podcasts, cross-department information sharing and more. GCS is critically working with the support of its new media buying agency Manning Gottlieb and digital platforms both. There is no compulsory element, but marketers are motivated to show involvement for jobs in their respective interest level.

Alexia Clifford confirms that they require a maximum count of people to be excited about this program. The only mission she is expecting is that the changes that are taking place are impactful and can bring a huge scope of opportunities to accomplish this project in an effective manner. In terms of reaching the targeted audience at the right time in the right mindset is what they are looking forward to.

With the program examined by the GCS leadership team, they are evaluating the framework and learn as professionals. The hope is the work will make the government more intellectual clients.

PHE is expecting to share how it can be approachable for the technology and the lessons it learned more broadly across government in order to motivate other departments to be efficient.

“It would be easy to move into things like voice just because the tech is there and we want to try it out,” she says. “But [you need to] choose the right business objectives and not just do it for the sake of doing the next cool thing.

“There is real value in breaking [digital] down and demystifying and painting a picture of what’s possible. Eventually we won’t talk about digital at all but for now, we want to make sure people are embracing it and really maximizing the opportunities digital offers.”
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