When it comes to gastronomy, Iceland has been slowly getting their act together for the last decades; with amazing produce of the sea, and free-roaming cattle from their prairies, chefs have all they need to put on a world-class act to rival any in the world.

Icelander´s respect for nature and a deep incline for fresh produce is what makes Icelandic cuisine one not to miss. From fine dining restaurants with Michelin stars to affordable quality-minded eateries, Iceland has it all, and its capital, Reykjavik is at the heart of the modern Icelandic food culture.

101 Reykjavik Street Food is an extraordinary restaurant located in Ingólfstræti number 2, downtown Reykjavik. It’s wide front window, and yellow facade are hard to miss, and you really don’t want to walk past this foodies’ paradise without paying a visit.

The restaurant specializes in both local food and international favourites, both portrayed by tasty but straightforward dishes, where there’s something for everyone and for every time of day.

From their international offerings, fish & chips is their most ordered dish, and for a good reason, 101 Reykjavik sources fresh cod from the northern waters and serves in less than 24 hours after caught.

A secret marinade and a rich dry batter make them delightfully soft and flavourful, while golden-coloured and crispy; it’s the quality of the ingredients, but also the great care taken by the staff what makes this dish a standout.

Both the chicken noodle soup and its beef counterpart are housewarming and comforting, ideal for those looking for warmth on a cold Icelandic evening. A vegan option that gets its flavour from mushrooms and broccoli is just as delicious, and for the price, there are few better options in town.

101 Reykjavik’s local specialties are on a whole other level. Grandma’s recipes and classic dishes from all around Iceland come together in an uncomplicated menu packed with flavour and history.

The traditional Icelandic fish stew, made from fresh codfish, potatoes and onions, has all the flavours you’d expect from a local kitchen. Their old-style lamb soup, with potatoes, carrots and a hint of spice is the best way to enjoy local lamb meat, slow cooked to perfection.

Creamy lobster bisque and a seafood soup are both made from fresh local seafood and follow popular recipes. Luscious, palate-coating soups that show the quality of the country’s sea produce and the fantastic taste of Icelandic cooking.

The hospitality of the people, their passion and the friendly faces are the cherry on top of the cake. 101 Reykjavik Street Food really feels like visiting old friends for the holidays; there’s no shortage of great food, drinks and a good conversation.

If you haven’t visited 101 Reykjavik yet, give it a shot, and if you’re visiting the country, add this to your obligated visits. Iceland is living a culinary golden era, and there’s good food all around; great food, like everywhere else in the world, is harder to find, but you’ll find it here, at the heart of Reykjavik.

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