Have you been thinking about trying a weight-loss program? It’s estimated that more than 70 percent of U.S. adults have obesity or are overweight. A recent research has shown that consumers spend billions of dollars annually on weight-loss programs. However, choosing the right program can be a challenge. To make it easier for you, we have summarized an all-inclusive guide in choosing quality weight-loss program.

Set realistic goals

Are you ready to make lifestyle changes to lose weight? If the answer is a resounding yes, you should go for it. Pick a plan you can use for the rest of your life. It’s better to lose a small amount of weight gradually than lose a lot of weight very fast, only to gain it back. You have to make smart decisions from the beginning of the program. Every program will highlight the advantages, so it’s recommended that you do a little research.

Setting weight-loss goals is a necessary tool in managing your weight. Ask yourself, have you focused your goals on achieving a specific weight or are you focused on permanent behavioral changes? The program you choose should offer a proven strategy on how to balance physical activity and healthy eating habits.

Check the credibility of the program

For each weight-loss program, read through the customer testimonials. Although not all negative criticism will be listed, it’s important that you perform due diligence. If a program states that you can lose 10 pounds in a week, that's a red flag. Extremely fast weight loss can seriously harm your health.So, take it easy, and avoid programs that promise dramatic results in no time. A credible program will lead to weight loss at a rate of no more than 1-2 lb/week. It should have certified fitness professionals and licensed dieticians. Again, the most important thing is not to expect extra-ordinary results. You need to be evaluated by physicians if you’re under medication. When you deal with professionals, it will be easy to determine if you’re physically fit to start the program.

Will it Improve both Your Diet and Exercise?

Diet and exercise are the two pillars of healthy weight loss. Does the weight loss program help you make better eating choices and increase your physical activity? If you don’t adhere to exercise and diet, the plan is set to fail. But who likes to diet and exercise? Only those who have made it a habit. This is why the popular Weight Watchers program focuses on helping people acquire new habits that support their health. BistorMD, another proven weight loss program,also focuses on supporting both your diet and exercise goals.BistroMD is now discounted by $99.

Having a hectic schedule or a full-time job does not mean you’ll not achieve your weight-loss goals. To fit in your program, use a daily planner to organize all aspects of your life. You must show 100% commitment to doing what you are being asked to do. Health experts recommend that you stick to the program for at least 6 weeks to see if it works for you. If it doesn’t work for you, just find a different program. Remember, a program should not ignore your personal needs and desires.


How affordable is the program? A weight-loss program comes at a cost. You should be aware of the cost from beginning to the end. The company should state the upfront costs without hidden charges. Never commit to a program that is not transparent to their billing practices. Ask questions like: how much does the program charge on membership fee? Is there a guarantee? Does it offer any deals and coupons? Try to inquire on the costs of weekly visits, food and counseling sessions. Similarly, make sure you compare the costs of different programs. The program should not just empty your wallet without offering some sort of guarantee of the results. Of course, only sign up on a program that fits into your financial plan.

Details of the program

Most programs focus on one or more of these areas: proper eating, physical activity, weight maintenance and counseling. Some programs expect you to follow a specific meal plan. You may be required to buy special supplements or meals. If the program requires special foods, ask whether you can change based on your likes and dislikes. A good program should include a physical activity plan to help you stay active and motivated. Try to inquire whether there is a plan to keep off the weight you’ve lost. In addition, ask if there is a trained counselor who can help you stay on track. Make sure the program brings you closer to fulfilling your weight-loss goals.


The most important question to ask is: has the company published any reports on effectiveness and safety of the program? If the answer is affirmative, ask how you can get a copy of the report. However, if the answer is no, you should consider another program. Nutrisystem, now at $220 off from Lodlois, has over 5 scientific reports proving its effectiveness.

A weight-loss program should be approved by a credible and authoritative organization. It should address physical activity and proper eating habits. On the other hand, it should be sustainable and supportive to help you get through the tough times. Only choose a program that promises a reasonable weight loss with the right diet and exercises.

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