Wheelchair ramps help disable people to go from one place to another place. Whether you are entering a car, home or an office this allows entering independently to the disabled as well as the older people.

A few regulations to install wheelchair ramps:

• Width of the ramp:

The ramp should be at least 36 inches, though the width is varied according to the wheelchair size. But, it is always better to install the slightly wider ramp. Most of the ramps are installed two-way. In such a case, the ramp size should be wide enough.

• Landings of the ramp:

Commercial handicap ramp should have a level surface which is known as landing. The landing should be at the top and bottom of the ramp. The landing size should be 60 inches for both top and bottom.

• Railings or barriers of the ramp:

The ramp must have handrails. The handrail should be extended to the landings. The barrier should be at least 2 inches high along with the edges of the ramp.

The ramp allows areas both inside and outside of a commercial building. There are several types of ramp. You need to install these according to your requirements.

Consider the below facts for installing the ramps:

• Space needed for the ramp:

Domestic ramps as well as commercial ramps need much space. Follow the width of the ramp that has mentioned before. The length is dependent on the requirement of the space.

• Maintenance of the ramp:

Keep in mind that the ramp should be cleared. If the commercial area is located with overhanging trees, it may cause debris. In such a case, you need to clean the ramp for a smooth roll of the wheelchair.

• The material of the ramp:

The wooden ramp is quite expensive. Therefore, people prefer metal and aluminium ramp. But, metal or wooden ramps can be installed faster. For short-term application, you can install portable aluminium ramp. It’s a great solution for landing into the house or business areas. Apart from this, you can easily store the ramp when it is not in use.

Bottom Line:

You may have an eagerness to install commercial handicap ramp. Don’t install the ramp which has minimum or low-level costs; rather go with the one which provides you safety. This can prevent serious injuries and risks.

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