A place to take a break from the hectic daily schedule within a home is a boon. Undoubtedly, the garden forms a peaceful station within the house. A blessing for a home, the garden should be embellished with the required outdoor furniture. Not only adorning, but maintaining the garden furniture is also essential. The plastic chairs might not ask for your much concern, but the metal and the wooden garden chairs do, and these are so common in the garden these days. Thus, one should take a few steps to maintain the charm of their garden chairs for a long time.

Clean the hardwood chairs with soapy mixture once a year:
The hardwood furniture is weather friendly. Thus, maintenance of such furniture is not a tedious task. Cleaning it twice a year with a brush and soapy water is advisable to remove algae and lichens. During winters, heavy-duty water covers can help.

Treat softwood garden chairs with paint:
Softwood is a durable material, but it is not a weather resilient material as hardwood is. Thus, one should paint the garden chairs made of softwood material. To maintain its look, you can also wash its surface regularly with a wood cleaning product and remove the stains as soon as they appear.

Check regularly for metal garden chairs:
The metal chairs need to be dealt with a bit more carefully as metal is prone to rust. Hence, the metal chairs should be checked for the same. In case any damage occurs, you can treat it with rust preventing paint after removing the loose material. Apart from that, you should repaint the chairs after two to three years to ensure that the barrier to rust is kept in place.

Apply oil on Teak garden chairs to glam it up:
To retain the buttery gold colour on the teak material, oiling is advisable. It will also prevent your chairs from cracking down but increasing the moisture content can result in the growth of mildew. Hence, consult your manufacturer before moving forward.

Clean the upholstery with a warm soapy solution:
Having an upholstered garden chair for the outdoors is common these days, maintaining it is not a tough task either. You can clean it thoroughly with a simple soap and warm water. Make sure that it is dried completely as a slightly wet fabric in the outdoors can create the worst scenario. After that, spray a cloth protector over it.

Choose the position wisely:
Selecting a suitable location for storing the outdoor furniture or the garden chairs is a must. Be it any material, wood, metal, plastic or teak, direct exposure to sunlight is not good for any material. Thus, choosing a place which doesn't invite direct sun rays is preferable here.

Protect it from bird droppings:
The bird droppings contain strong acid which can take away the chair's finish. So, remove the bird droppings from the surface as soon as they appear. You can also arrange a seating with an umbrella in your outdoors. Not only, it will give a shield to your outdoor furniture but also give a funky look to your patios.

Conclusion: Adorning your patios with beautiful garden chairs is just the right thing to do, especially when options like wooden garden chairs, folding garden chairs and buying a variety garden chairs online is now available to you. Maintenance of garden chairs is not a bothersome task. A little bit of care and you will get charismatic chairs that would last for long.

As the patio furniture is stored outdoors, treating it with care is essential. Whether you have the wooden garden chairs, metal chairs or plastic chairs, looking after it is important. For some materials, simple cleaning would do while others are required to be treated with paint and oil. If you store your furniture a bit carefully, the maintenance task won't demand much hard work.

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