Most gutter installations are performed by professionals in one day. An experienced do it yourself with help may have a similar time period. Please don't ask me to guess what the average hobbyist or owner looking to save money will do.

Imagine the difficulty of trying to forecast how long it will take for a novice to take it step by step with an open book. Then something comes up that's not in the sequence and step four is something else, and suddenly we're trying to predict how long a newbie will spend scratching his head or undoing what he's already done.

I hope you're laughing right now, but I'm not making fun here. I just heard too many horror stories. For the hobbyist, consider the time frame for the pros and make your best guess from there.

Most gutter contractors can generally give a very accurate estimate over the phone based on the total number of gutter feet to be installed. Even if working on ceiling tiles or fascia boards is required, most jobs are completed in one day.

If you find your installer calling you and delaying your arrival by a day or two, don't panic. Weather and unforeseen problems can delay the arrival of your contractor. The general rule of thumb is that once the job starts, a real professional won't move on to another job until theirs is completed. Occasionally, that puts a stumbling block in the schedule, but in the end, it works to the customer's advantage.

A competent gutter company can help you determine if there are other underlying problems that may need to be fixed, and may even direct you to provide information over the phone. In the end, if it is a demolition, i.e. removal of old gutters, sometimes the problem is not visible until the existing gutter is removed. The problems encountered in this way are generally minor, as the larger problems have manifested themselves in other ways.

There are things you can watch that can give you and your gutter contractor clues. Does water accumulate and freeze in winter? Do any of the gutters drip in heavy rains or form icicles in winter?

Leaks can cause mold, rot, water in the basement and any of the various problems that need to be repaired even if new gutters are installed, otherwise the consequent damage could continue to worsen despite the gutter system repair.

Some of the things a qualified gutter company will look at are their soffits, fascia boards, etc. Our website has free videos that answer some of these questions if you want to take a look.

Knowledge and a little bit of research of the kind that leads you to this article can help you anticipate what you'll be dealing with before your gutter contractor shows up. This in itself can be comforting; especially if this is your first time hiring a contractor.

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. Even if working on ceiling tiles or fascia boards is required, most jobs are completed in one day.